Dorming and campus decision

Hi everyone, I got accepted into pace nyc campus as a commuter but I realized that I wanted to dorm but it was too late and they told me I would be on waitlist BUT i have a higher chance of getting housing if i paid the deposit now in June vs if i did it in july or august. Is this true? Did anyone go through this? also the housing for nyc campus IS SO expensive ill be a incoming junior so the website said the housing is like 9,000 to 10,500… but the westchester campus is cheaper. also whats the vibe for both campuses? how is it?

You could live in west Chester for a semester or two and take courses there until the nyc accommodations are available. Credits earned on either campuses are totally acceptable towards your degree. The pace of living is much slower in westchester and it’s suburban living vs urban living. However opportunities in part time jobs are harder to come by.