Dorming at Berkeley (Incoming Freshman)

<p>Which dorms at berkeley are the most social/least social? </p>

<p>How would u describe Clark Kerr? Foothill? (if they're not social, is it a big inconvenience to visit more social places)</p>


<p>I'm interested in knowing as well. Also, what's the location like around Stern?</p>

<p>count me in as well. I'd like to know. Any berkeley students/grads?</p>

<p>most social to least social:</p>

<p>unit 3
unit 1
unit 2

<p>i don't know about clark kerr</p>

<p>If you like your space and ANY privacy, I'd recommend against dorming... The dorm "experience" hasn't been so great for me</p>

<p>I live at Clark Kerr. A slight majority of Clark Kerr residents are white. Clark Kerr people are generally pretty sociable and party-hardy. There is also a steady flow of alcohol available to those who are interested. However, I don't socialize with my floor nor do I drink, so this is kinda a third-person account. </p>

<p>Foothill is among the least sociable. My roommate and I call people who live at Foothill "zombies" because in all our encounters with Foothill people in and outside class, they've been extremely torpid. Their dining hall is also much quieter than Clark Kerr's.</p>

<p>i got into to foothill. so far it sounds like it sucks</p>

<p>Units 1-3 are considered the most social - it probably has to do with their highrise structures, different from units 4 & 5 (i.e. Foothill and Clark Kerr)</p>

<p>Units 1-3 are similar to each other, with unit 3 being the closest to the southside of campus & is considered the most social (which is cool because you can get to know the people on your floors well). It isn't as aesthetically pretty as unit 1 & 2, but the room sizes are the same.</p>

<p>Foothill and Clark Kerr can be social as well, but is a different since they don't really have the hallway-hotel type structure of unit 1-3, but you can pretty close with the people in your suite. Foothill is the closest to campus, northside of campus. So convenient for your morning chem 1a classes in piemental</p>

<p>By social I don't mean alcohol parties (though that seems to be the case when people get to know each other). There are RA's in each residence hall & there is an RA checking every floor each night. So you should definitely let an RA know if something fishy is going on in the floor. Otherwise, like an undisciplined child, a floor can get pretty crazy.</p>