Dorming- fall or spring? And my age!

Hi everyone, I want to dorm at my college for spring semester I’m a commuer right now. Will it be weird dorming in the spring? Should I just wait until next fall? I’m afraid that if I dorm for the spring, I’m not sure if the schools will get shut down again because of COVID. Also, I’m 24 is that too old? My college has residential halls, suites and apartments… I was considering the suites since its for all undergrad except freshmans. If I dorm in the fall I’ll be 25 by then.

You’re pretty old to be in a dorm, being honest. Try to find a room in an apartment with other students.

Ask if your college can place you in grad student housing due to your age. You’re really too old to be living a dorm with 18-19 year olds.

You’ve have to ask each college what their policies are.

Honestly, I would not want my 18YO rooming with a 25YO. Big maturity difference there (at least there should be).

Graduate housing or living off campus would be more age-appropriate.

My 18 son stayed in college housing with a 23 year old. (Older student was “quirky”, and coming from the fact my kid spent his whole schooling in special ed with LD’s I can recognize “special” pretty easily). So while I understood why the roommate’s mother likely wanted the safety of the residence hall, it was super awkward for my son and his other same age roommate.

If you are concerned about the age difference between you and other (presumably mostly frosh) dorm residents, check if your college has (a) dorms for upper-class students only, and (b) if older students can live in housing normally used for graduate students.

yes i agree with u all, my college has apartments(off campus) for juniors and seniors(most likely my age), and another dorming hall for ALL undergraduates but i wanna ask them if they could pair me up with someone whos 20/21 and up.