Dorming vs Commuting

<p>I actually live around 30 minutes away from UCR so I'm wondering if there is any benefits in dorming instead. I've heard that i might have problems making friends since i wouldnt be on campus as much as the other students. also does anybody know exactly how much room and board is per year?</p>

<p>same situation as you im in corona but im going to dorm because i want to live on my own. i already talked to a counselor but he said it would be high 8000-12000 depends on meals and specific places</p>

<p>i commute and live closer, 20 minutes away from UCR, and based off of my experience, IT SUCKS! I have to wake up an hour or more before class starts to get ready and drive there. Plus you meet WAAAY less people commuting compared to dorming, which makes the college experience very dull in a way. When you dorm, you can wake up probably like 10 minutes before class starts and still make it on time. You also sort of learn how its like to live on your own and whatnot. I totally regret not dorming.</p>

<p>okie. heres what i know:</p>

<p>commute sucks. from what i heard from my friends who were fits year, commuting, they hated the experience. u wont be possible to make so many friends as u might want to, unless u stand out in the crowd super well.. </p>

<p>dorming can be expensive but its worth it. for the coming year, they actually will have "blue", gold plan for meal plan and dinning dollars.
currently, many many many many studnets are complaining about the distribution of meal plan. ex, i have flex 5. which mean s i got 5 meals every week, if one week i eat only 3 meals, use dinning dollars for others, i WONT get roll over like ATNT does..
next year, the meal plan will become a yearly plan consists of 65 meals/year (the old flex 5).</p>

<p>another thing regarding food: they improved lothian .. i live in east lo, chill place.. dinning place a lot better. </p>

<p>well thats all i got now from top my head. good luck on choosing whichever appeals to u, i chose dorming and i still likes it.</p>


<p>Being a college graduate...30 now, I have a lot of experience with people who did not dorm. these are the people who may be...</p>

<p>1.) Still living with their parents, not good because when you are 30 and depend on parents, it's pretty pathetic. (my work conversation.. "what do you have for lunch?" "leftovers from last night" "what did you make?" "oh no, my mom made this"....silence....
2.) Have the same group of friends from H.S. You may think this is good, but many of these are the friends that stayed home and never continued on with their education.
3.) Socially awkward
4.) Do not have many friend from college, just friends from H.S. and immediate work/office....this is not good because there's no beneficial networking</p>

<p>My friends and I would sometime meet each other's old friends and end up asking each other "What's with her?" you know how we answer? "She never left home"...."ohhhhhhh!"</p>

<p>I truly believe that dorming and living in an apartment with 4-6 other people is a great part of my college experience. I said living in an apartment, not JUST dorming. In the next four years you'll meet a LOT of people. Many of them will be very important to you. There's nothing like the bonding as a lost 17-18...19 year old</p>

<p>Commute can be horrendous depending on your major and courses. Depending on what time your first class is, you will need to get up extra early to beat traffic, then you'll tire yourself out with a day of classes. This may not be bad short term, but when midterm and final week comes around, you'll wish you were closer.</p>

<p>Yes, dorming can be expensive, but I think it builds character. either way, don't stay home for all four years, you NEED to learn to live on your own. you may not think you're weird, but other may see you as a little off one day!</p>

<p>"another thing regarding food: they improved lothian .. i live in east lo, chill place.. dinning place a lot better."</p>

<p>A&I has better food..not Lothian</p>

<p>Agreed. Lothian sometimes has good food. Really depends on its menu each day.</p>

<p>I commute. It saves a lot of money, but it does suck at times. Especially during finals week! Sometimes when I have a meeting late at night for clubs or something, my friends usually say bye and walk to their dorms/apartments like 5-10 minutes away. I have to drive 30-40 minutes home AFTER walking 10-15 minutes to a parking lot. But hey, at least you have a car and can drive your friends places to hang out!</p>