<p>Do all freshman dorm in Maria’s Tower?</p>

<p>I’m not in the Honors College but wish I was because I want to dorm in the honors dorms, and I’m pretty sure they dorm in Maria’s Tower. But as a freshman musical theatre major, am I going to be put in Maria’s Tower?</p>

<p>I was just wondering because I sent in my housing request form thing so I figured I would try and find out who my admissions counselor was and call them about housing.</p>

<p>All Freshman room in Marias Tower with the layover, if there is one, rooming in the St. George. Honors housing is no different than any other housing except that your whole floor is honors students. They dont get anything special or different just the title. If you find anybody during your orientation, you can request them as your roommate or if you meet them at CORE or through facebook or whatever.</p>

<p>We weren't actually ever given a tour of the dorms. What's the difference between Maria's & George's towers? Will we be able to see the dorms before my D moves in? I've heard the security is as tight as it gets there. This is a good thing!</p>

<p>Marias Tower is freshman housing in the same building as most of the classrooms. The George is in Brooklyn and is mainly for upperclassmen unless there is an overage of freshmen. Your Daughter will be staying in Maria's Tower when she comes for Orientation. You can also check the website and see if there are any more campus tours going on so that they can formally show you everything.</p>

<p>Went on a recent tour of Pace, saw Maria's tower...the boy giving the tour showed us a bathroom, said it was used by the entire floor ,we were on the 10th floor. It had 3 stalls and 1 shower, it was not too impressive. I got nervous. I loved the school until I saw this. How could this possibly be the only bathroom used by everyone on the floor?? He was a commuter student giving the tour, only a Freshman...I am hoping he was wrong, Help!! What is the situation over at George St? Can Freshman house there and what is that bathroom situation? How far away is that dorm? thanks for any help.</p>

<p>He gave you the wrong information!</p>

<p>In Maria's tower, there are 4 bathrooms per floor. Usually 1 boy's bathroom because there are usually 3-6 boy's rooms on each floor, so 3 girl's bathrooms. On some floors there are private 1-person bathrooms. I never have to wait for a shower or a stall, it's usually empty, it tends to workout that way for everyone.
Half of the freshman MT's live in John Street. Which is practically across the street. Each room has it's own bathroom and comes with a tv and full-sized fridge. Pace</a> University - Housing and Residential Life - 55 John Street (Manhattan)<br>
Most people wanted to live in Maria's Tower because it's a really good experience for freshman year. But it's relatively easy to get into John street.
If you have anymore questions feel free to PM me.</p>

<p>My D lives in the John St. dorm and it is really nice. She did not want to share a bath with hall mates. There is even a small private health club in the building. There are some of her freshman MTers there, but most of "the gang" lives in Maria's Tower. Even though most of her class lived in the Tower, I think my D would choose John St again. Yes, security is crazy tight!</p>

<p>Brbway and Froglegs, Thanks for the dorming response! I feel much beter about Pace now. Your words have put a worried mother at ease. Froglegs, how does your daughter like the MT program? We hear it is wonderful there.Thanks</p>

<p>She is very happy with the program. It's very success-oriented, and not too large. She loves Amy Rogers and all her instructors, even the ones outside the department. There are many opportunities to perform, even as a freshman, and many chances to take advantage of what the city offers.</p>

<p>Her only complaint about the university in general might be that she sometimes wishes it were more challenging academically. She is hoping to become a little more involved in the Honors program as time allows.</p>

<p>Has anyone else heard yet from the MT program at Pace. Recieved the "NO" letter. Accepted to the school but will not go there without the MT choice.</p>

<p>rejected as well. i feel a little screwed over because they didn't let any people from my auditions day do monologues because of 'time' according to some of the kids running the auditions. So I feel kind of shorted, but what can ya do, it wasn't meant for me and something better for me will come along :)</p>

<p>they cut off the monologues?? i've never heard of a school doing that before. yeesh, that sort of bites, i'm sorry that happened. </p>

<p>out of curiosity, how soon did you hear back from pace?</p>

<p>yeah it was super weird. i felt really awkward when i left because of that and the kid running the door and a couple other ones said they were cutting them for the afternoon group which to me is just ridiculous. i auditioned on february 1st and my letter was dated february 5th and i received it today the 11th.</p>

<p>The way the "only songs" thing was explained to some people was that they could see a person's acting through their song, and that should be enough. But if they were interested to see more acting, then they would ask for a monologue.</p>

<p>That's not what I was told at my audition. Quite a few students running the audition (like I already said) said that they chose to not have anyone do their monologue in the afternoon group b/c of time constraints.</p>

<p>My D audition was on Jan 31 and from everyone we spoke with, which was a lot of the people, they only did the song no monologues at all. Our auditions were from 10-1 so we were "rushed" don't ask me how they can tell if you can act by singing. The other thing that was noticed was how fast they were moving people in and out. The dance portion was fine and so was the test but very fast on the song portion. Someone asked during the meeting about the acceptance numbers.The faculty said they would audition between 600 up to possibly 800 for the performing arts program. Out of that they pick 100 total for all arts program and only 20 are for the MT program. Pretty tough odds.</p>

<p>crose- yes, i did feel rushed as well, we had less than 30 people total in my audition day, i'm really surprised that that many people choose to audition for Pace, but yes, those are some crazy odds. i still wish they would've at least given us the chance to do our monologues, i mean, they are only one minute long, and we did pay to audition. but what can ya do.</p>

<p>I'm not trying to start anything, but I am genuinely interested in why you would make the statement "I was surprised at that that many people would audition for pace." and you meant that about only 30 people - is there some sort of reputation that i am unaware of and if so, could you please elaborate. </p>

<p>also - we make it very clear that the monologue may not be seen. if you felt rushed, i apologize for that but by "rushed" i think you simply mean that your audition was quick. if you did feel however, that the staff/faculty was rushing you in and out of your space then please also note that so that we can better our audition days. we strive on making the people auditioning feel comfortable and this is the first time I am hearing of discomfort from one of our days. </p>

<p>In regards to "how can they tell if you can act while singing" - Its hard to talk about this through typing because inflections are lost but please know that there is nothing rude about what Im going to say. And to note this is my opinion and may or may not reflect the school/faculty. What we are looking for is a performer who has the skill to synthesize acting and singing. which is basically what musical theater is - acting and singing at the same time. while you are singing a song, in musical theater land, you should also be acting. they are not separate. (if we were a voice program, that would be different.) </p>

<p>please provide specific feedback so that we can make this process better. thank you.</p>

<p>This was not intended to 'knock' Pace in any way. I found it hard to believe that Pace auditions 600-800 for MT when there was only approx. 30 at my audition, multiply that by 5 audition days (3 days have 2 groups). That's around 250. I just found out about this school a couple months ago, and I know that it is still an up and coming program, so I didn't think that many people actually heard of it AND auditioned. I understand what you're saying about acting a song, but when this is for a Musical Theatre program and every other school is having you do 1 or 2 monologues, it is for a reason. Yes, you can have strong vocals and maybe act the song decently well, but all applicants have strong and weak points, and many choose songs that work better for their voice instead of songs with strong dramatic acting choices that can be shown in 25 seconds (16 bars). Normally, a program has you do a monologue so they can see where you are actingwise. I just found it to be a bit unprofessional. I also felt like some of the faculty seemed way too prideful when it came to rushing questions and it came off really rude to me and other potential students that I was sitting with. I just think that not seeing someone's monologue shorts the auditonee and the judge from seeing their potential and when you are paying $50 for them to talk to you for a bit (because they did talk to me before for a little bit) and rush you through 2 short cuts of a song, but they don't have time to hear a 60 second monologue for 30 students (that's 30 minutes, it's not that long). When you are paying to audition you want to be able to do the full audition. It was just a weird experience and I heard from many that I met at that audition that they felt shorted and it seemed very unprofessional and awkward. The students were nice, and the faculty seemed nice. I just felt like I was shorted.</p>

<p>and also, there was no need for you to get rude and write 'acting and singing is usually what musical theatre is, and in musical theatre land we do this'. I'm not an idiot and I know what it is, I was just talking about what the 'normal' auditions have been like. once again there was no need for you to make a smart-alleck comment like that. that was also the vibe that i got from the woman speaking in the info session ( and your comment just seconded that thought) , like we are too good for everyone and you should be honored just to have us look at you, like they were too busy for everything. (no offense but pace is not cmu). you don't charge people for an audition and then give them half of one.</p>