<p>OK, I know this is waaayyyy early, but have any of you give any thoughts about the dorms. I have been reading old posts and it seems like hills seems to be one of the worst to be put into. So far, I kinda like Gregory. I prefer singles and also not having to use a communal bathroom seems good. How about you guys? any thoughts?</p>

<p>I'd like to be in the quad, which I guess is most people's first choice, because it's beautiful and supposedly really social. Hill definitely has a bad rep, but I stayed there when I visited it and everyone I talked to was really happy with it, although not many people pick it as their first choice. They said it's very social and the floors are split into "suites" of like..20(?) people, so they develop a strong community. I don't think I'd be unhappy there, but definitely not my first choice. You actually might want to consider it if you want a single because a lot of the singles in Hill are huge..some bigger than double rooms. Gregory seems good if you're interested in a quieter atmosphere, but I think I'd get bored with it. And I definitely want a roommate. Everything else seems like it's more for upperclassman. Ah, that was really long! I get so excited thinking about next year :)</p>

<p>I'm really liking the idea of a large frosh dorm in the quad, but can't decide between double and suite! What would be the difference?</p>

<p>I think suites are like..3 single rooms connected to a common room? I'm not sure about that.</p>

<p>yeah...I like the idea of a suit. I am kinda confused--so can we live only in the houses or are there dorms? stupid question, I know...but can't help asking</p>

<p>hope to get in quad...</p>

<p>I'm still not quite sure. I would like the minority community in DuBois, but there are so few freshman compared to the quad.</p>

<p>I have been reading the old posts and quad seems to be too partyish. I am open to parties but it seems there is a lot of drinking there also.</p>

<p>Why does no one like Hill?</p>

<p>I think its because the rooms are too small. Hill seems nice and friendly but the thought of communal bathrooms...</p>

<p>quad's got communal bathrooms too.</p>

<p>hill has no AC = (</p>

<p>and very loud too, lots of frosh party animals.</p>

<p>do you guys have any ideas whether the dormitory fees will be different if we stay in different types of room - from singles/doubles/suites?? or are they all charged the same?</p>

<p>i HIGHLY recommend living in the Quad. (btw, the quad is made up of three different "college houses") The rooms are nice (for the most part) and it is very social, it is mainly freshmen, and there is always something to do. You cannot request a suite in your freshman year. They are for upperclassmen, unless you get put in a triple in the quad (which you also don't apply for). The bathrooms do suck, but a lot of the rooms have sinks so you dont need to go there for that...</p>

<p>yup, different rooms have different costs...</p>

<p>see here for the past 2 years' rent schedules, which should give an idea of what they'll be for next year:</p>

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<p>I'd definitely suggest the Quad. I was worried at first that it would be too loud but it really isn't that bad. It depends mainly on your hall. The rooms in the quad are by far the nicest of any dorm on campus and the area itself is beautiful. Lots of singles as well. Some might not like the idea of communal bathroom but they are cleaned fairly regularly.</p>

<p>How they pick who gets what? By lottery?</p>

<p>thanks tenebrousfire ... thats really helpful :)</p>

<p>Quad is always up, nonstop. Parties a lot, always something to do. Wawa right down the street. For the full freshman experience i would do quad. Don't get a single, it will suck.</p>

<p>A little known fact is that you don't have to live in a dorm or on-campus provided apartment your first year. Some friends of mine moved to apartments of their own around 40th and Pine freshamn year.</p>