Dorms at Berkeley

Hi all,

Which dorms are the most social at Berkeley? I have heard that Units 1 and 2 are social, as is 3. I have head that Clark Kerr has large rooms and this is where a lot of the athletes stay.

Can anyone talk about where Berkeley parties usually are, and which dorm is best for social life?

Thank you!

Hi I’m a newly admitted international student(recently committed!), and I have no clue about any of the social or dorm situations at Berkeley. Was originally leaning towards UCLA just because of their social environment on campus, but hopefully there’s some kind of activity going on at Berkeley too. Can you fill me in a bit?

A unit consists of a group of buildings. Units 1 and 2 are close to each other (Unit 1 being slightly closer to campus). Unit 3 is west of them. All 3 are within a couple of blocks of the southside of campus (Sather Gate side). Clark Kerr is a good 15 minute walk south of campus, so may be a bit isolated from the doings on the campus and immediately surrounding it. A lot of athletes do wind up there. All I’m sure are social to some degree or another. Unit 1 has one substance-free building, so that cuts the partying in that unit by 1/6. Of course, there are the frats/sororities that are pretty active, especially during the fall. UCLA definitely benefits from having its housing concentrated in one area of the campus, whereas Cal’s is sprinkled around the edge on the south and east sides. Berkeley is not known as a raging party school, but then I hope that is not why most people choose it.

Current Freshman. Clark Kerr all the way!! I was in Unit 1 and while the location is nice, it is not as social as Clark Kerr. I ended up moving into my fraternity house second semester because of the lack of social scene. The majority of the Greek Pop is from Clark Kerr as well if you are trying to get into the party scene. Also the triples in Clark Kerr are much bigger than the triples in the Units. The Greek Scene is great at Cal and highly recommend rushing