Dorms at Hendrix

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<p>I am a current freshman at Hendrix and I live in Veasey. Here is the general breakdown. Mind you, at Hendrix there are "stereotypes" concerning the dorms. They aren't bad but just generalizations about the people that live in them. It is joked about a lot on campus. You will see if you ever visit/talk to students.</p>

<p>Girl Dorms</p>

<p>Galloway: Definitely has the nicest dorms compared to the other girl dorms. The rooms are huge! They have sinks and it is generally quiet. Galloway RAs are known to be a little more strict then other girl dorms. Hence the quietness. Not much partying going on in there, but the freshman girls this year in Galloway are attempting to change that. Its pretty hard though because a lot of the upperclassmen in the dorms are used to Galloway being a spacious, peaceful haven. Their lounge room is really nice too! They have a parlor with couches and even a porch with a roof if you are a smoker. Most people envy this about Galloway.</p>

<p>Veasey: Hands down the girl party dorm. I am not just saying that because it is my dorm. Veasey is the "sister" dorm to Martin Hall. Out of all the girl dorms, we host the majority of events on campus. We have sinks in our rooms. The closets are pretty nice and we tend to brag about how we have the best cleaning ladies (our dorm is extremely clean!). Although for some reason, there is an odd smell to Veasey that seems to linger on everything in the dorm. Its hard to describe. Its not bad, but believe me if a parent visits and smells a towel or pillow case, it will faintly be there. (Hope that doesnt gross you out. Its not bad!) BTW there is a slogan on campus "Easy Veasey" don't let that fool you. We aren't "easy" its just an old Hendrix joke that people say a lot. We have a patio but no roof to keep you out of the rain. A lot of people tend to smoke outside on the patio. We call them "VZ Porch Sitters"</p>

<p>Raney: The most quiet dorm on campus by far. Most girls in Raney are very studious and keep to themselves. I have been in their dorm before and compared to the other two...wasn't too impressed. They have no porch, balcony, etc. to chill out on. Their parlor has that "don't touch me" feeling to it. Although the rooms are nice and its quiet, I wouldn't suggest it if you want to be very social. Not saying Raney girls can't party, but they tend to stay inside. I know thats a generalization, but its true! Some girls chill out in the parlor, but its kinda dark in there.</p>

<p>Couch (CO-ED) Definitely the alternative dorm. Most "couchies" tend to be alternative/hippiesque etc. Couchies watch the Daily Show in large numbers in their living room weekly. No other dorm sits together like that. Couchies seem to be very close knit. Unfortuantely, the rooms aren't too nice (compared to other dorms) and it tends to be "dirtier" compared to the other dorms (Yet nothing beats Martin Hall after a Friday night party) When I say dirty, I don't mean disgusting. I guess Couchies tend to do crazy stuff all the time, hence the halls seem to be littered once in a while and it has a "couchie" smell. Don't let that deter you. Most people who live in Couch love it. They tend to stick to themselves (There are the people that go to the mainstream parties at Martin and then there are people who tend to have Couch parties that are just as fun, but not as "trendy" for lack of a better word) They love to smoke ciggs outside on the fire escape, argue politics, and chill in the burrow and watch live bands, etc. From what I hear, Couchies don't cause too many problems. Odds are you will like your floor mates. Oh yea, they don't have sinks.</p>

<p>Male Dorms</p>

<p>Martin: Do not live in Martin if you do not like to party. I say that seriously. There are 4 Floors. If you absolutely must live in Martin and don't like to party then try and get a dorm on the 4th floor. No lie, every Wed. Fri. and Sat night, Martin is FULL of people. They hold almost all the major roast events and parties. Don't expect to walk around Martin Hall on a Saturday morning without flipflops. Tends to have spilled drinks, dirty bathrooms, etc. (Only after big parties!) Other then that, everyone loves the "Martin Men" They carry the stigma of being the "big shots" on campus. They have rooms that are made as singles so that is a plus (you can be a freshman and live in them) Most of the upperclassmen raffle to get a room on the first floor because those are the "party rooms" Basically they open up the first 2 floors and people just wander around, dance, chill, etc. Most of the sport guys live on 3rd floor but almost no one ventures to the 4th unless someone they know is up there. Moral of the story: Live in Martin if you want to party hard, if you don't but still like Martin stick to the 3rd/4th floor or learn to wake up to a party wrecked dorm on the weekends. I hope I am not too dramatic, but in all honestly Martin tends to have the most sound complaints, etc. I am pretty sure they don't have sinks in the rooms.</p>

The quiet guy dorm. Although lately Hardin has had some really good "small" parties. The Hardin guys have a really nice lounge area with a pool table. I have quite a number of friends in Hardin. I like their dorm. Most Hardin guys defend against the "Martin Men Macho-ness" with how its nice to get away from Martin and relax in a quiet dorm sometimes. They have had some water problems this year but I am pretty sure that Hendrix fixed it. Other then that, Hardin is a really nice dorm and isn't too rowdy.</p>

<p>The Houses (Quad, Browne, etc.)
These are on Campus and for upperclassmen. You either need to get raffled in or elected (you need to have a certain GPA). They are mostly singles. Very nice but very small. I can't really say much more. They share a kitchen, have a nice quaint living room, etc. They tend to have a wild party once in a while.</p>

<p>Front Street Apartments:
Obviously on Front Street, you need to be an upperclassmen and know someone to get into one of these because they are in demand (GPA also). They aren't too far off campus, but I could see it being a pain if you had a class near the library. Parking is available.</p>

<p>Hope this helps. Ask me if you want to know anything else</p>

<p>Thanks for the re-post, ArkansasMom. DD and I were just talking dorms the other day and she was trying to remember a bit about each of them. This helps a lot.</p>

<p>Yes, thanks ArkansasMom. DS is still set on Couch....any couchies out there?</p>

<p>My son is a freshman in Couch and likes it. He plans to stay at Couch next year as well.</p>

<p>Hey, that's great Volunteer mom...did he request it last year? Was it his first choice and how hard is it to get their first choice???</p>

<p>He listed Couch as his first choice and mailed in the form in January or February last year. Many of his close friends this year are people he's met in Couch and also people he met on the freshman orientation trip. I have no idea if its hard to get your first choice. It probably depends on how many people list it. I don't know if Couch is a popular dorm or not.</p>

<p>My son is in Hardin this year (freshman) and has enjoyed it. It was his first choice. It looks like he will move to Couch next year, however, because most of the friends he has made are there. Hardin is quite a bit nicer than Couch physically. I suspect Couch is not hard to get into, but I'm not sure. I would think that those forms that are in now will get their first choice. My advice, go for Couch if fringy kid, Hardin if more middle of the road, but don't worry because most kids will fit in at both.</p>

<p>hi, this is my first post but ive been following all of the hendrix posts for awhile now. Anyways, my friend who lives in couch said it wouldnt be pretty easy to get into since it isnt the nicest of the dorms. I put down couch as number one, i hope i get it. But yeah, couch should be fairly easy to get into, at least thats the impression that i got.</p>

<p>Okay, I'll jump on the bandwagon. I asked D tonight and Couch is her 1st choice, too. Has anyone sent in their housing requests & $$$?</p>

<p>P.S. I personally don't know why. She DEFINITELY doesn't smoke and I'd personally enjoy having a sink. Kids. Go figure.</p>

<p>I'm sending in the deposit next week...From the physical descriptions, Couch wouldn't seem as desirable as Hardin but my son really likes the vibe there. He did an overnight in Martin for the Hays and really didn't like it. SO here's something else to worry about! My daughter didn't get into the dorm she wanted at Penn and thought her world was going to crumble, but in the end, her best friends are the ones who lived on her floor that freshman year. They now live all over the place but do everything together. SO I guess it will all work out. Just don't want S to be someplace he's miserable.</p>

<p>Yeah, I'm going to have to agree that I do not really think the dorm one chooses will be much of a determining factor of how happy a student will be at a school. The social climate of dorms are ever changing and not something that can be categorized very easily by "vibes".</p>

<p>My top three in order of preference are Galloway, Raney, Couch, but I don't know if I'm even going to be attending Hendrix.</p>

<p>Hendrix financial aid is least it was for me (~18,000). If I don't get awarded gov's distinguished scholar there's no chance of me going (have those been awarded already?)</p>

<p>$18,000 is terrible?</p>

<p>Part of that was federal loans. Out of $30k? Yep, not good. Wash U gave me 36k out of 42k.</p>

<p>hummmmmmmm, personally I think Hendrix was the most generous of the schools S applied to. You can always call and talk to financial aid office and see if they will give you more...I've known parents who were quite successful at that! ;)</p>

<p>Although everyone would certainly enjoy more financial aid, I think the offer D got was very fair. Yes, some have offered more, but they also cost more (nearly $30,000/yr. from Macalester) resulting in a similar cost to us. Then we add on the travel costs. And in some cases an entire winter wardrobe! To me, $18,000 is a lot of money even if it doesn't meet what you need/want.</p>

<p>Johnny: Governor's distinguished scholarship list will be coming out soon--probably the 2nd week of April. I tried to find a date, and only found an announcement from April 11, I believe, for LAST year's scholars. So I guess it will be around the same time this year. You're pretty much guaranteed to get it if you qualify (test scores, etc.) and you sent in the application by the Feb. 1 deadline--so don't worry!</p>

<p>yeah im shaking in my boots until I get my governor's.... it really is the only thing I've got going... or I'm definitely going to the UofArkansas which would suck so much...</p>