Dorms at MTU?

Hi, I am about to put my deposit down to live on-campus at Michigan Tech. I am leaning towards McNair hall (East), possibly in the Women in Engineering? (not sure yet). I am not looking into Wads because of the size and number of students, I would like a mid-sized dorm. When I toured the campus, we walked through DHH, and I didn’t like it that much. If you’re a current student, what is your opinion of the dorms? I go to a small high school and like the close-knit community feeling.

Things I am taking into consideration:
Atmosphere (loud, quite, lots of parties, etc…) I prefer a quiet, more relaxed dorm.
Size of rooms (double)
Fitness area
Dining halls in the dorms
Learning communities- What are they like?


Hi, this may be too late but I’ll add my opinion anyway. My son is a Jr. at Tech. He has lived in DHH for 3 years. He
has loved it there. It is very close knit. They have a more laid back atmosphere which he has enjoyed. He has a few girlfriends who live there too and they say they have loved it. One of his friends was in another dorm and ended up moving to DHH because that’s where she was most comfortable. You can’t eat dinner there but all the kids go to dinner and eat together at the other dorm (I can’t remember which)
He and his friends are getting a house together for the summer and the next school year. He has LOVED being at Tech