Dorms at Purdue

<p>I just got accepted into Purdue and I was wondering how dorm life was there? I have absolutely no information at all. I was also interested in luxury apartments (I read about that somewhere) and also which dorms are more or less popular as well as which dorms you think are best.</p>

<p>OMG I sincerely HOPE that Purdue does NOT have luxury (i.e. more expensive) housing options. It immediately casts the rich kids apart from everyone else. I hope it’s completely randomized and your chances at a nicer dorm are equal to the Pell grant kid. I heard it happens at some schools and I think it’s abominable. </p>

<p>What are the best freshman dorms?</p>

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<p>“Luxury” choices are First Street Towers and Third Street Suites. </p>

<p>Least popular are Hilltop and Meredith. Most popular is Hillenbrand (from what I’ve heard). </p>

<p>My favorites are Earhart, Shreve, First Street Towers, Hillenbrand, and Harrison. </p>

<p>Shreve is the honors college, so all but 2 floors are honors. It also has the best lobby and alot of kids go here to study. Hillenbrand is definitely the nicest excluding 1st and 3rd, but it is very difficult to get in as a freshman.
Owen isnt as nice, but is great if you plan on going greek. Most kids in it go greek.
Cary sucks for freshman.
Tarkington and wiley aren’t terrible for freshman, theyre close, and AC only matters for a few weeks. Have a good community also.
McCutcheon is wayyy far from everything, but nice
Earhart is about the same as shreve, minus the honors college. It has a nice lobby but not many people study in it.
Merideth is a terrible dorm and never go there.
1st street is very nice, but its single rooms. Very difficult to make friends as most people stick to themselves.
Harrison is pretty nice, but far away.
I’d say the best are Shreve, Owen, and Hillendbrand.</p>

<p>Thanks @ngou33. Know anything about the Windsor Halls?</p>

<p>Anyone know anything about the athlete dorms?</p>

<p>@tonyapa - Windsor is SO nice. A lot of female who stay in the dorms after freshman year move into Windsor. One of the buildings, Duhme I believe, is for the Honors College at least this year, and the others are randomized. They all have very nice common areas, and I used to study with one of my friends who lived there in Shealy sophomore year. It looks kind of Hogwarts-esque with chandeliers and fireplaces in common areas. If I still lived on campus, I’d probably be in Windsor because it’s the nicest at that price point. It’s also closer to campus than a lot of options.</p>

<p>@adidosen09 - All I know is that a lot of male athletes live in Cary Quad. I think they also get put into Tark and Owen a lot because of the proximity to the athletic facilities.</p>

<p>Thanks @naturaldistaster</p>