Dorms at Stony Brook?

<p>Can someone give me more information on the dorms at stony brook? When I visited over the summer my friend (a senior at the university) told me that Roosevelt Squad was "ghetto" but didn't really tell me much about the other quads.
Hows Mendelsohn and Roth?</p>

<p>Also are the temporary triples really temporary or are freshman usually tripled for both semesters?</p>

<p>Freshman are usually assigned to dormitory quads based upon their undergraduate college assignment. For example, Roth houses Science and Society freshman.</p>

<p>Roosevelt has been cleaned up drastically and with the completion of the new 600 bed, the entire area looks great. Mendelsohn and H-Quad are corridor style while the remaining quads are suite style.
Freshman are usually de-tripled by the start of the second semester.</p>

<p>^ Roosevelt is actually corridor style too, except Yang in the new building which is suite.
De-tripling is really random, depends on where you are on the lottery and how crowded your particular quad is. I got detripled less than two weeks after moving in, but then I know people who only got detripled a few weeks ago.</p>

<p>You're correct about Roosevelt. Looks like I've been gone far too long!</p>

<p>Ah thank you :) Im most likely going to be placed in Roth if its based on the criteria listed above :P</p>

<p>Roth is good. The rooms are air conditioned and closest to the academic mall area. The pond/surrounding area including the Roth Cafe was also recently renovated.</p>

<p>Do honors college kids get a special dorm? Is it singles?</p>

<p>Freshmen never get singles, but yes, HC students are housed together.</p>


<p>Honors kids are all in Toscanini in Tabler (I personally love Tabler).
Roth is good, but the one thing about it is when it's warm out... beware of geese. Also, I'm not a big fan of the coffee in the cafe, but other people disagree with me so it's all up in the air.</p>

<p>Sorry for necroing a relatively old thread but.. If I were to put down (in the survey for incoming freshman) an interest in information technology (so mendelsohn quad) would I still be able to major in Biology? Does the housing have anything to do with that whatsoever?</p>

<p>Nope - housing has little to do with major. The undergraduate living communities are primarily based upon interest. You can be a biology major and live anywhere on campus.</p>

<p>Although, Roth, bring Science & Society, will have the higher percentage of biological sciences majors (obviously).</p>

I am most likely going to Stonybrook in the Fall but I have not put down my deposit yet, but my only concern with the school is the dorming situation. What is the chance of actually only getting a double, not a triple? and I am a nerd looking for a 24-hr quiet dorm, I know H-Quad and Mendelsohn have some, but how do I go about making sure I am put into one of those dorms? I am not a party-type and would prefer a quiet dorming area to study. I would like any advice as how to go about trying to get these quiet dorms. I was also put into University Scholars. Also, are these dorms actually 24-hr quiet? like do the students really follow that title?
-Thank you very much, I just really need some help with all of these decisions.</p>

<p>We’ll probably start about 35% tripled this fall if all the percentages hold from previous years, so if I had to put a number on it, I’d say your chances are probably 50/50 on doubling vs tripling. (That missing 15% is priority housing folks and other special cases.)</p>


<p>Do honors college freshman have a lesser chance of getting tripled or is it equal?</p>

<p>And do suites have a lesser chance of getting tripled?</p>

<p>HC students are doubled. (It’s a very small number of students, so it really doesn’t affect much overall.) There are some triples in suites, yes, but I don’t know the percentages.</p>


<p>Honest answer: 24 hour quiet buildings are not 24 hour quiet. I’ve seen my quad’s (Tabler) quiet building be much louder than the other buildings.</p>

<p>None of the honors kids were tripled, but may be in suites where another room is tripled (mine was)</p>