Dorms at UT??

<p>I'm an incoming freshman at UT and I really want to get into Duren or San Jacinto dorms because I hear they're by far the best. What are the chances of me getting into them? I accepted my housing contract like in early March and I put Duren and San Jacinto as my first two choices, so do I have a shot? Or am I likely going to get the other dorms?</p>

<p>Theirs a HUGE thread about this . Use your search function. And most likely not.</p>

<p>Not much chance of San Jac or Duren with a March application date, sorry</p>

<p>March is when they accepted the contract for housing... That is not when they applied. What dorm they get depends on when they applied for the housing contract.</p>

<p>As UThopeful22 said, the dorm you get depends on when you applied for your housing contract. It cost $50 to apply so if you remember when you sent that in, that's the date you're being based off of. This date applies every year you live on campus so if you applied late that first time, your housing choices will be based off of that even if you're still living on campus as say a junior or senior. But with seniority, your chances of getting the dorm you want do increase a bit. If you can find someone who turned theirs in early and are wanting the same dorm as you, then the system will base housing assignments on the earlier roommate's date of application.</p>

<p>what dorms offer private baths?
only community?</p>

<p>I'm a freshman and I have a private room/bath in San Jac...for the summer. lol figured I'd enjoy it while it lasts. haha.</p>

<p>It's really just luck of the draw + how early you apply.</p>


<p>This virtual tour should show all of the floor plans for each dorm:
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