Dorms at Uw Madison

I have been researching all of the dorms at UW Madison and am wondering if anyone has any personal experience or heard anything about the vibe at different dorms. I know I don’t want to live in Whitte or Ogg and i’m probably putting Liz Waters as my first choice but i’m not sure about the rest.

It is an individual choice. All anyone here can do is give their favorites, which may or may not be your favorites. It seems as though Lakeshore is your preferred area. research the others there and make a list.

Liz is probably the most popular choice on campus. Tough get.

Dejope is the newest dorm and the most beautiful, IMO. It has a dining inside (amazing dining!) the building so you don’t need to get out when it’s too cold or too hot. I’m sure students there appreciated it when it was -40F outside last week. :slight_smile: The rooms have AC which we thought we wouldn’t need until we saw how hot and humid Madison can be during summer and some other times.

It’s very popular so very tough to get for freshman.

Dejope may have amenities but it’s isolated. Interesting combo of students – first year football team vs older foreign students who like it quiet. BTW Whitte has AC in all rooms now and newer dorms on Dayton and Park.

Dejope also has the “roomiest” feel to the dorm rooms due to very high ceilings. “Isolated” is a funny term. Nothing’s really “isolated” in Madison. We walked all over town during my son’s admissions tour and did more walking on the dorm tour that ended with Dejope. I was sure beat but my son was fine - and he’s the one going off to school.

Check into the Learning Communities at the various dorms. My son, if he goes there, will live in Adams and be in the International Learning Community, and hopes to reside in the German house. We visited on a Saturday, and they inviting him to a cooking event, bought him dinner. It’s one of the main reasons UW-Madison is probably going to be his choice. The dorm is old (think basement laundry with exposed pipes, etc…) but they renovated some of the common rooms. They have a couple kitchens, too. I know there’s other Learning Communities, and one especially for freshman, to help adjust.

Is your son a freshmen?

@Nicologo not sure who you’re asking, looks like there are 2 posts talking about sons. My son (the one who toured the International Learning Community) will be a freshman

Thank you that’s what I was asking about.