Dorms at Yale

<p>One thing I have wondered about at Yale is how good are the dorms? Would you say they are amazing? spacious? comfortable? Are there big differences between dorms on Old Campus and those in the residential colleges? Do most dorms have personal bathrooms or are they communal bathrooms per floor?</p>

<p>Sorry for the rapid-fire questioning.</p>

<p>If you search in this forum, there are some old threads about this that include photos. Short answer: different buildings on Old Campus have different layouts. Some have lots of singles and their own bathrooms, others are more cramped and have communal bathrooms. Once you get into your college, it's a lottery so how nice your room is depends on your lottery pick. In general, Yale dorms are very attractive (fireplaces, wood-paneled walls, bay windows, etc.) and comfortable.</p>

<p>If your image of a "dorm" is a long hall with thirty kids sharing one large bathroom, Yale housing isn't like that. Most rooms are part of suites, with bedrooms and a common area. Some of the suites have bathrooms within them, and others share a communal bathroom with several other suites.</p>

<p>the worst possible freshman housing is Lanman Wright, where you'd live if you were placed in Saybrook or Pierson. and it's SMALL (it's where i live)
but even that isn't unlivable and it can still be pretty nice with the right furniture and arrangement. the housing you get at yale will be better than the housing at most other colleges in the united states. the suite set-up is really nice, it allows you a) to have fewer people to a bathroom (i share a bathroom with 10 other girls and there are rarely problems) and b) to get to know people better, and c) to have a hangout place in the common room</p>

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