Dorms/Bathrooms??? HELP!

<p>Just being honest here...a big prob with going to RU New Brunswick/Pisc for my D is that there are no bathrooms in dorm rooms. She will be a freshmen and not sure about how she feels about this. Does anyone have a recent view on this regarding showers and/or bathrms in dorms at rutgers?</p>

<p>What college is she planning on? If the majority of her academic classes will be on Cook/Douglas or College Ave, she could consider Douglas Residential College, which has all-female dorms. The 2 Douglas dorms I've been in, however, have hall baths. </p>

<p>You say you don't know how she feels about it. You should ask. I don't remember any en suite bathrooms in any of the colleges in the Northeast we visited.</p>

<p>New dorms opened on busch this year. I believe they are suite style. More dorms are scheduled to open on livingston next year. The older dorms especially college ave are traditional style.</p>

<p>Okay, before I say anything, I'll let you know that I'm a guy. That being said, I had the same concern before I came here, but was quite surprised to find that bathrooms are surprisingly clean. The residence staff clean the bathroom everyday. I have a really picky personality, and I can assure you that bathrooms are clean.</p>

<p>I haven't been into girls' bathroom before, but if guys' bathrooms are this clean, I can guarantee you that girls' bathroom are flawless.</p>

<p>I think most older dorms have the hallway style bathrooms, although they seem to be getting away from that now. </p>

<p>My son lived in a dorm last year and he didn't report any problems with the bathroom situation. I think most people are respectful of others' personal space. If there are any problems, it would be addressed immediately by the RA.</p>

<p>What freshman gets their own bathroom? Next year she can apply for apartments and get a sweet porcelain throne of her own but until then, sharing bathrooms builds character or smt. (and its not that bad at all, they are maintained by staff and the number of people to a bathroom feels quite low)</p>

<p>I've been concerned about this too...
Are the communal bathrooms co-ed or are there separate boys and girls rooms? Somebody told me they were co-ed and I'm not sure how I feel about that =&lt;/p>

<p>In my dorm building, there are 4 bathrooms per floor (2 for girls, 2 for guys), each of which have two stalls, sinks, and showers. I was weary of the idea of a communal bathroom at first, but they are kept clean by a very friendly custodial staff, and I have never had to wait to use any of the facilities. People are generally respective, too. </p>

<p>All in all, I've had a positive experience with the bathrooms here.</p>

<p>In my traditional dorm last year, there was one men's and one women's bathroom: 4 bathroom stalls, 4 shower stalls, 4 or 5 sinks. This was plenty, I never had a problem waiting for a toilet or shower. The bathroom was generally spotless during the week, and during the weekend I believe they only cleaned on saturday mornings. Still, I've never had a bad bathroom experience, and this all depends on the amount of respect your floor has for each other.</p>

<p>There's nothing for your daughter to be scared about. But if she really wants the closest thing to a private bathroom, she can apply to live in BEST (suite style dorms for science, engineering, and pharmacy majors only). My friends who live in BEST say that the floors aren't very social, probably due to the "private" bathrooms. If she is willing to sacrifice a more social atmosphere for a private bathroom during her first year, then apply for BEST :)</p>

<p>To clarify, common bathrooms aren't a "problem," so to say. They are a part of life at most colleges.</p>

<p>If your daughter is in the honors program and would like to live on Busch, she could request McCormick. These are suites, each with 3 bedrooms, a living room, and a private bathroom with a toilet and tub, with a separate two-sink area so the sinks and large counter and mirror are always accessible if someone's using the bathroom. The bathrooms are as clean as the suitemates keep them. There are also a men's and ladies' room downstairs on the main floor near the student's lounge, which have always been very clean when I visited. My son and his suitemates are now in their junior year, and have kept the rooms reasonably clean, and are very happy with the situation.</p>

<p>I live in the BEST dorms with the shared bathroom and, like drexeler was saying, while they may not be as social as other dorms, people still do end up bonding with their floormates. One of the downsides of the BEST suite bathrooms is that they don't lock, which might make her feel a little uncomfortable. In general though, the dorm is far too nice to have an major complaints. Other options that people were saying that she might feel more comfortable are the McCormick suites, Douglass Residential College dorms, and other all female dorms (i.e. one of the Davidson dorms). You can request if you would like a same-sex floor or building in the housing application.</p>

<p>Everyone seems to be assuming that her daughter is in the honors program (which she may or may not be; most people aren't) or that she could live in BEST (which requires tutoring work).</p>

<p>Communal bathrooms can be a it awkward at first, but it's really not a big deal once you get used to it, which is fast. They are also kept very clean.</p>