Dorms, Dorms and Dorms!!!

<p>I've seen in facebook that most people want to stay in new residance. Can anyone of you explain me why does it attract so many students? And the International students are kept in Polis house and Polis house doesn't have a pool table :( what are the alternates for international students???</p>

I'm going to be a sophomore at Wittenberg next year. During the summer before my freshman year I really wanted to be in New Dorm too, but I turned in my deposit too late, and it filled up fast.</p>

<p>The New Dorm is very, very nice. It's colorful, the rooms are big, theres a plasma TV in the lobby, and it's just downright fresh and new. </p>

<p>I lived in Tower this year. The New Dorm was originally only for freshman, but for the 2008-2009 school year, they opened it up for all grades. Believe it or not, I chose not to pursue it, and I'm living in Tower next year. I love the AC and the big rooms.</p>

<p>All the other dorms are really nice too! Woodlawn is all girls, and I hear that its nice on the inside. Myers is very nice looking, VERY conveniently located and historical. Firestine is very popular, has AC and was recently redone. </p>

<p>I've never actually been to Polis House, but you don't HAVE to live there if you're an international student. I know two international students who live in Tower and one who lives in Myers.</p>

<p>Don't freak out too much about where you get placed for housing. i know it seems VERY important, and it sort of is a big deal, but you'll be hanging out in pretty much all the dorms with your friends who live there. None of the dorms are horrible, and each has its own positive qualities.</p>

<p>Are you for sure coming to Witt? if so, cya there! :)
Oh, and do you have any other questions? I'm happy to help!</p>


<p>Thanks Gia, 'n Yea I'm coming to Witt.</p>