Dorms for Freshmen?

<p>Ok, so can anyone tell me if dorms for first time freshmen are guaranteed at all? I know it said something like that on the res. web page but i keep hearing that you need to get your housing deposit in as quick as possible to reserve your space before its too late, but why would it matter if your guaranteed a spot? If not, it seems unfair to people like me waiting on places out of state.</p>

<p>yes housing is guaranteed for freshman. but if you don't get in your deposit soon, you could end up in the middle of nowhere away from other freshman or in a forced triple or quad. getting in your deposit early ensures a better housing situation.</p>

<p>All freshmen who complete their housing agreement by May first are guaranteed housing.</p>

<p>D completed housing agreement in late April last year; she's in honors, and ended up in a triple (at least it was a room intended to be a triple) in Denton. I agree that you should send in your housing deposit sooner than later....</p>

<p>Agree too. I transferred but I was stuck in a triple in Ellicott. Don't recommend triples. Doubles are fine.</p>