Dorms help

<p>I applied for housing at GW but I was bit confused as to what the difference is between Thurston Upper and Thurston Lower.
Also, as a poli sci major with musical instruments, can anyone tell me if this is a good list of dorms I applied to:</p>

<li>Thurston Lower</li>
<li>West Hall</li>

<p>I'm ok with loud noises but not all the time.</p>

<p>Well West Hall is on the vern. It is surprising you put Potomac 4th, it is similar to Thurston, but much newer and smaller. Lafayeete is newly renovated so it will be nice. Personally, I don't recommend Thurston, but that opinion varies amongst students.</p>

<p>chances are you will end up in west.....usually if you put it at all they will put you there because not too many request it.</p>