Dorms Like Palaces: Bryn Mawr #1 (Princeton Review rankings - '11)

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<p>Bryn</a> Mawr College</p>

<p>Bryn</a> Mawr College Tops The Princeton Review’s list of “Dorms Like Palaces” | Bryn Mawr Now</p>

<p>I'm glad that we made number one, but I gotta say the outsides are fancier than the insides. I still love it, though.</p>

<p>Fancier than the insides?
I guess it all depends on where you live/lived. Freshman year, I had a single with a fireplace and had a great view of Taylor Tower. When I first opened the door, I was sure that I'd been given the wrong room. It was impossible to believe that a freshman could be so lucky! My friends from other colleges who came to visit all did double-takes when they saw my room.</p>

<p>A fireplace? Hahaa that's insane =p</p>

<p>Bryn Mawr also made the list for best cafeteria food !</p>

<p>Not only dorms and food, but also Top Twenty for:</p>

<h1>8 Best Campus Food</h1>

<h1>20 Dodgeball Targets</h1>

<h1>1 Dorms Like Palaces</h1>

<h1>8 Nobody Plays Intramural Sports</h1>

<h1>20 Most Accessible Professors</h1>

<h1>17 Students Study the Most</h1>

<h1>16 Best Quality of Life</h1>

<p>Dodgeball targets? That one went over my head!</p>

<p>I think the Dodgeball Target ranking is trying to express that we would be the unpopular kids elsewhere. Not athletic, not involved in Greek life, etc.</p>

<p>I gotta agree with Chimichonga that I wouldn't put our dorms on a list of dorms like palaces. Yes, there are a few really nice rooms but the average room is rather average. We also have our fair share of shabby rooms. I did ISO twice and I felt sorry for some of my frosh because their rooms were so cramped that the only way to move around the room was to climb over each others' beds. There's a tiny upperclass single in Denbigh that doesn't even have space for a bed frame - the room is just wide enough to allow for a mattress. </p>

<p>I've visited friends at state schools and I must say that their living arrangements looked much more appealing than ours. Their dorms have game rooms and study rooms, and they offer (really nice!) apartments and suites which are (almost) completely absent at Bryn Mawr.</p>