Dorms: triple and quad rooms

<p>Which buildings are these rooms located in? Which dorm(s) am I most likely to end up in if I request a triple or a quad.</p>

<p>Is such an arrangement recommended? Is it a lot more cramped than a double? I assume that the room itself would be larger, therfore it won't really make a difference. </p>

<p>However, is it still possible to maintain a studious environment with three or four individuals sharing the one room?</p>


<p>don't do it. if you are a girl, request a single in balch. you will not regret it.</p>

<p>I'm not a girl... what do i do?</p>

<p>ME too. I want to save a few hundred bucks on a triple 5590 as opposed to 6080. not sure why quad still costs 6080</p>

<p>However, i have noted a few dorm room size discrepancies on the cornell housing web sites, some triple rooms are only a few square feets larger in floor area than the double rooms?!?</p>

<p>i don't think that in a quad it's all four people in one room (although I could be mistaken). I thought a quad was two doubles which shared a bathroom.</p>

<p>i think they have two rooms. i'm not sure about the bathroom (but i hope its true) :)</p>

<p>oh in that case it would make sense for a quad to cost the same as a double. Though wouldn't it make a quad a good deal? No community shared bathroom , ONLY FOUR people sharing a bath room yet the same as doubles, $800 cheaper than singles, and without the crampiness of triples.</p>

<p>Please suggest the best values in meal plans and residence plans.</p>

<p>quads are 3 rooms, in which two rooms are doubled and they share a common room (but the room w/the double beds are extraordinarily small! and no, you don't get your own bathrooms</p>

<p>I had a quad/suite in Donlon last year. It was pretty awesome.</p>

<p>The key is to jack up the beds and shove the dressers underneath. Then we moved the desks from the common room into the bedroom where the dressers used to be. This frees up the common room for whatever you want.</p>

<p>sounds cool. I haven't submitted my housing application yet, though i read in the brochure that deadline for freshmen is may 1. </p>

<p>How crampy is a triple? compared to the quad's extra small bedrooms? </p>

<p>jack up the beds? like a bunk beds arrangement with the upper and lower bunks like the triple dorm room's renderings? we are allowed to do that, jacking up the beds? shove the dressers underneath what? the beds? or is it jacking up the bed onto the dresser and other proping furniture stuff? </p>

<p>which hall besides Donlon are there quads? I couldn't find any floor plans for the quad rooms on , anyone got pics , diagrams, dimensions etc? how big are the common rooms? </p>

<p>Those are a lot of questions, so feel free to answer any. good suggestions like norcalguy's are always appreciated.</p>

<p>I think the four beds in the quad originally came as two sets of bunk beds. We basically took the top beds off so we had four individual beds. The beds had adjustable heights. Normal height for most people is a foot or two off the ground. I think we "adjusted" each of the beds to be around 4-5 feet off the ground (so essentially the bed was the height of the top bed in a bunk). This opened up a lot of storage area under the bed where we basically kept almost everything (dresser, hamper, basketballs, clothes, etc.).</p>

<p>um.. ..;; May 1st is sunday.. that's handy day to use postoffice -_-;;</p>

<p>nice observation dreaming, guess applying online is quicker for me</p>

<p>you can also loft beds, although i like having my bed the height of my desk so i can easily move my laptop onto my bed and use it in bed. also very convenient for when i watch tv, i don't have to look down.</p>

<p>Shawn... oh we can use online something;; that's kwl;;</p>

<p>Yep dreaming, we can use online after i figure out how right now, shouldn' t be too bad. I 'll try to submit it today. It saves the postage stamp too:)</p>

<p>can you loft beds in a double dorm room too ? nobody cares (like the admin. ppl) ? </p>

<p>are all the beds ' heights adjustable so we can open up more space under the bed to store stuff?</p>