<p>Hey i am going through the housing process of my enrollment for next fall and am wondering what are the best dorms? i visited KU last weekend, and they all seem pretty similar but wondered if there is an "inside scoop" to which is best? thanks-matt</p>

<p>Most people would rank Lewis and Templin at the top, then Hashinger. At the bottom would be McCullom. Ellsworth and Oliver are in between.</p>

<p>My favorites are Lewis and Ellsworth!</p>

<p>Reasons why Lewis & Templin are the best - fire alarms aren't pulled weekly. McCollum is the worst because fire alarms are pulled often. Hashinger is nice, but just outside the front door is basically a huge smoker's lounge... Ellsworth is nice, I hear. I've heard Oliver has a lot of parties. From my experience (lived in Lewis for a week, Templin for a semester and a half, visited Hashinger a couple times) if you don't want to pay for suite style, I guess Ellsworth would be the best. Not a huge fan of Hashinger - there'a reason why it's nicknamed "Hash"</p>

<p>My son is going to be staying in Naismith. I hear it is very nice. Same cost as public "traditional" dorms and across from the student rec center. I believe Oliver is there as well. Maid service once a week, pool, suites, dining on premises. Not like any dorm I ever stayed at.</p>

<p>Naismith is a privately-owned off-campus apartment complex. Basically, campus is on one side of the street (and surrounding Naismith on at least 2 sides, maybe 3) and Naismith is on the other side... So, you can't say that they're a dorm. I haven't heard much from them, but most of my friends are in schol halls or dorms on Daisy Hill. But then again, most of my friends are freshmen.</p>