Hello! I am a future freshman at IU Bloomington for 2015. Recently, I was placed in Collins and assigned to a two room triple. I was hoping that I’d get a single/not have any roommates because I have bad OCD and anxiety. I can’t find much on these rooms online. Can anyone explain the layout of this room and how many people I will likely be sharing the room with? I’m just a little stressed and confused when it comes to the housing. Thank you!

Tell RPS you want Ashton residence scholars to save money… 4k and guaranteed singles

Yay Collins! That’s my dorm. What building are you placed in? I think a lot of the upperclassmen took the singles. My guess is you’d be with two other people, but your housing info should tell you who your roommates are.

I’d say give it a shot because Collins is a great place but if you simply cannot stand it, contact RPS for a room change sometime in the fall. Don’t call them in the summer because they have to deal with angry moms calling about why their kid got placed somewhere in Southeast instead of McNutt or Briscoe.

@Hilfmirqueqiao - My son got a single and did not request a single - I just sent you a message so you can call me if you want to discuss.

@pmcnyc It wouldn’t be easy to switch dorms with someone in Collins, as Collins is a living learning center and you have to apply to even live in Collins.

My son did not receive any of his choices. Assigned Eigenmann. Almost $2000.00 more than McNutt, Brisco and other popular Freshmen dorms. Eigenmann only has community baths and is a longer distance to classes. What makes Eigenmann so expensive? It is obviously older with fewer amenities.

@Katzwizkas I had Eigenmann originally and I was given a renovated double. It was very irksome that it costed more than the enhanced housing options that have private baths and built-in-closets just because the rooms are 25% larger. If you read the fine print on enhanced housing costs, it says that people who don’t get enhanced housing will be placed in Eigenmann since its the next most expensive option. I ended up getting off the waitlist for an honors dorm (which was also 2 rooms in one, but had a built in closet), so I no longer have Eigenmann. You can try calling housing and tell them that living in Eigenmann will cause an undue financial burden and maybe they’ll be able to change the dorm for you.

Thanks tola2015. The closet space is very small at Eigenmann. We toured a few different dorms and yes, Eigenman rooms are larger but are they really when you consider that nothing is built in and there is a partial wall that makes furniture arranging an issue? Tiny closet that you can’t double hang. No chance to put things under your bed if the roommate does not agree to changing the bed situation. 6’2" is tall too try and use a desk under a bed. My son appled to McNutt, Teter and Brisco. Only Brisco is enhanced and less expensive than Eigenmann. why? I still am curious why Eigenman is so expensive. I think it is a way for IU to make money from those who don’t get into an enhanced dorm.

@KatzWizkas Did you call them? I know some people got out of Briscoe by saying it was too expensive, the same with some other enhanced housing options. The only reason why Eigenmann is expensive is because of the larger rooms, there really isn’t any other reason. They should really make the print that says students will be placed in the eigenmann if enhanced housing options run out larger.

We are not upset with Eigenmann in general but perplexed as to the higher cost for less quality. I did call and was told to write an email. The person I spoke with was a student. I am sure we are way down on the list to change dorms. In my letter I pointed out the lack of closet and storage space as well as the half wall limits the furniture arrangement. Also Brisco has attached bathrooms and Eigenmann has community. McNutt has huge closets with storage above. There is no place to even store a suitcase in Eigenmann.