My son is very interested in Willamette but he really wants a single room - is there a chance of that for a freshman? Also, are there substance-free halls, and which are they?

I don’t think Williamette has many substance free halls the only one I found was Cascadia House. All halls are smoke free. Looking on the site I can’t seem to find any singles for freshman. If he gets accepted talk to the college about it. I would like a single room too maybe explain to the college why your son needs it do you have a specific reason? Medical, disability…etc?

Cascadia and WISH should be substance free, and both halls have single rooms. Also, to my knowledge, first year students can get single rooms in the residence halls.

This webpage details the different residence halls and housing options for students at Willamette:

Thanks for the info. We’re touring the campus in April so we should be able to get more information then.

Having a single is a option for freshmen, although I have no idea how likely it would be to get one.