<p>Can anyone give me an honest opinion on the dorms at Georgetown? I'm very interested in attending here, but I've heard the dorms are terrible. I'm touring the campus next week, but I don't think I'll get to see the dorms, so I would appreciate some feedback!</p>

<p>Yea actually I haven't heard much about the dorms either? I toured the campus but they didn't show us inside.</p>

<p>Well if your going on a GAAP trip to the campus, they give you a tour of each of the four freshman dorms. Honestly, I have no problem with my dorm (harbin hall). Most of my friends at other schools seem to have smaller rooms in comparison.</p>

<p>i stayed in village c this summer and thought the dorms were fine (and i'm kind of person who considers 'roughing it' a holiday inn). village c had private bathrooms and i was lucky enough to get a big room, though some of my floormates had smaller rooms. it wasn't anything special but it wasn't horrid.</p>

<p>The freshmen dorms are pretty good. Darnall rooms tend to be a bit on the small side. Village C has their own bathrooms, not too sure about New South. Harbins are very good (cluster-style). I think all are carpet with individual air-conditioning. Other than Village C, you are going to share bathrooms and share (which are separate from each other).</p>

<p>I stayed there for three weeks this past summer (Village C) and I thought they were very good. They had private bathrooms, they weren't cramped, and, unlike most of the other college dorms I've stayed in, I think I would be able to tolerate living there for a year.</p>

<p>I was in New South this summer. The rooms are newly renovated with own sink. hall bathrooms are okay. overall, new south is great!</p>

<p>I kinda want my own bathroom so im gonna shoot for village c if i get any choice.</p>

<p>you don't</p>

<p>Thanks so much for all your help! It doesn't sound like the dorms are worse than any other school's.</p>