<p>Which dorms have yall heard are the best?</p>

<p>Well I'm going with the commons myself merely because it has everything pretty central like. And I heard most the freshman classes are near the commons so you don't have a long walk/ride. That and the many parking lots near it (now, wehter you'll get a spot or not...) plus the food court right there in the central area makes commons a good choice for me.</p>

<p>Hmm...I wonder if I should take my guitar(s) with me? </p>

<p>Don't know if I'd have time to play/practice on them without driving my roomate nuts...</p>

<p>DEFINITELY take your guitar, Ag :-)
rel05baller- check out the tamu website bc they have really detailed charts about the dorms. I personally like modulars better and my classes would be more on one side of the campus, so that narrows it down. They also have specific features in certain dorms like substance free floors if youre interested in that.</p>

<p>is north or southside better? i keep on hearing southside is better for those who want to study because it is quieter, and northside is near bars and stuff. </p>

<p>i was happy to learn that every dorm has a service that will weekly clean your bathroom. is it true and is it free?</p>

<p>does anyone know the deadline for turning in the housing application?</p>

<p>I have personally heard that southisde was better for freshman, but im sure it depends on the person</p>