<p>can just hear personal opinions abt the dorms ? ( i know we don't get to choose) ( i heard Easton is the worst)
also can we dorm with people who are not accepted into a certain program?
im in honors and i want to dorm with a friend who is not accepted to honors...</p>

<p>A little suggestion here...don't dorm with your friend even if you can. You might be good firends now, but sometimes friends make the worst roommates. Spread your wings and fly on your own, that is what freshman yr is about. I don't know about Honors, but scholars that elect to live on campus live in the Cambridge community. My guess is that is true for honors too. They do put non-honors. gemstone or scholars within the dorm, but I believe itis trying to get one more body into the dorm, it is not a request thing. If they did that than the dorms would probably quickly lose their living learning designation.</p>

<p>Easton is reknown for how dirty it is is...last yr the janitors went on strike because the kids re so filthy.</p>

<p>My son was just admitted to UMD and the thing I remember most about our dorm tour was how ugly they were. Bare cinderblock walls that looked like a jail. Are there any dorms that are NOT like that? My son got into CP Scholars so I guess he will be in Cambridge (if he attends) from what I read here.</p>

<p>I had also heard that most students live off-campus starting in sophomore year because the dorms are so bad. Is this true?</p>

<p>DS is in Centreville and they are ugly, cinderblock and linoleum. He was considering moving out for soph yr, but has decided to stay in the dorms, and wait until jr yr. The dorms have a point system, so you can move up and out to the nicer dorms later on.</p>

<p>He will be in Cambridge if he decides to live in the dorms.</p>

<p>As bad as they are, realize that there is a housing shortage at UMD, so anything is better than nothing.</p>

<p>I must say it is astonishing to me that the university has poured so much money into other building development and left the dorms in such awful condition. I haven't been in them but I've heard plenty. Plus no air is very hot and humid here in Maryland for several months of the school year. Can you install a window AC unit of your own?</p>

<p>You just bring multiple fans. DS has 2 in his room.</p>

<p>I think for guys they don't care what the room looks like as long as there is a bed and an outlet(s) for the tv, Xbox 360 and a fridge</p>

<p>Does anyone know how Denton is? Same thing?</p>


<p>Yes, Denton is similar. In general, I think the dorms bother the parents much more than they bother the kids, though!</p>

<p>Live in on-campus housing while you can. After your sophomore year, you will most likely be forced to live off-campus, which is more expensive. La Plata has air conditioning, but it is mostly occupied by sophomores.</p>

<p>Denton is nice. I live there myself. It's an honors dorm but you have some non honors kids there which is nice in my opinion. Don't expect a five start hotel, but otherwise it's fine.</p>

<p>The one thing I would say about dorms is that even though the freshman dorms are bad, some of the sophomore honors dorm, and the the suites and stuff on south campus, are very nice. And even better, if you can get a good lottery number, they have the courtyards and commons for juniors and seniors. But... yeah, some of the dorms aren't the best, but are definitely tolerable, my sister is in a cinderblock room, and I love hanging out in there, it depends what you do with it. they have posters and curtains up, its nice.</p>

<p>Thanks, I was hoping that nicer housing would be a perk of the honors program, guess not LOL.</p>

<p>Thanks again!</p>

<p>Def not...the nicer ones go to upperclassman.</p>