<p>Hey everyone, does anyone know when we get the info about dorms and such?</p>

<p>I've heard that its around mid-March for ED'ers, and around May for RD</p>

<p>I was looking for some info on dorms (which ones have the best rooms, closest to classes, best food... etc.) and I found this website with alot of info :)nyuhousing</a> - home</p>

<p>Take it from someone who has lived in two frosh dorms. Pick Hayden if you can. It is the BEST dorm!!</p>

<p>any comments on founders? its a close call for me between hayden and founders.</p>

<p>GO Hayden. Yeah, founders is large, and the rooms are big, but they are really septic and far from everything. Live close to classes. Hayden parties are SO MUCH better!</p>

<p>I say Founders! In Founders there are no triples, only doubles. It's a brand new building so it's not dirty, we don't even have ants. or spiders. Our rooms are also a looot bigger, I've had 3 people sleep on my floor before comfortably. If you're on one of the upper floors you'll also get an amazing view :) it takes me 10 minutes to walk to "campus", which isn't bad</p>

<p>i am going for founder :D</p>

<p>Just saying, Goddard is a pretty awesome dorm if you want more of a community feel. It's the smallest freshman dorm, with only about 250 people, and everyone knows each other. The hallways are wider and people are constantly hanging out together in the halls. I have friends in Hayden who like Goddard better simply because people are more social among their floors and stuff.</p>

<p>Also, you get a ton of free stuff. There's constant free shows, trips and movies they take you on because of the residential college. You're not really required to do them (if you don't go to enough things the only consequence is that you loose the option of dorming at Broome Street, which you only get if you successfully complete residential college at Goddard), but it's nice to have the option. Also, a huge upside is that you get to take Writing the Essay in your dorm building, and most people have the same teacher. That class is death, so it was really nice to be able to sit with 4 or 5 friends in the hallway who were doing the same assignment and not stress out alone. Goddard is also closest to the main campus, so you can leave for class five minutes before it starts. The rooms are decent sized and carpeted, and they're also clean. I've never seen any bugs, mice or vermin anywhere in the building.</p>

<p>Okay, I'm rambling. Just thought I'd stick up for Goddard since it's small and no one really seems to know much about it. It's small, it's chill and you'll really get to know your neighbors.</p>

<p>question: if my boyfriend comes to visit can he sleep in my dorm and he doesnt go to nyu</p>

<p>Yeah, he can. You would obviously have to make sure it's okay with your roommate. He just needs to sign in at the security desk, and there are rules about how many nights a month he can stay.</p>

<p>I don't know about you CCer's, but I love to cook! I am thinking Third Ave North!</p>

<p>I live in 3N now, and it is deff worth it for the kitchen, and I do use mine ALOT, and third north is the nicest dorm, just know that you will have to work harder at making friends.</p>

<p>^Oh cool! I guess I will have to work harder at making friends, but I am already making friends on facebook lol so it shouldn't be too hard hopefully! </p>

<p>Bryanm: Do a lot of people party at 3N?? Or is it less of a social dorm? Also, I love smoking hookah, and is it allowed to smoke hookah in the courtyard at 3N?</p>

<p>I'm stuck between Hayden, Weinstein, and Brittany. I haven’t heard too much about Weinstein or Brittany, and I wanted to hear what you guys thought about them. I've heard Weinstein is like a "Cinder Block Prison" and I just wanted to know if that was the general consensus or just one person’s opinion.</p>

<p>@lauren8822 I live in Goddard as well and love it! I have a huge bias toward this dorm and therefore highly recommend it to anyone. I must also add that it was recently renovated so the halls and room look really nice. (Starbucks beside the dorm as well)</p>

<p>@rkbpdx: All three choices are great as well. Honestly when you get to NYU, you'll find that most people love their freshman dorm. It really depends on the experiences you make with the people around you. But here is my breakdown of those dorms.</p>

<p>Hayden: Along with Weinstein, it's closer to campus and you can generally get to your classes within 10 minutes. This is also helpful for those late nights you're going back to your dorm from Bobst. Another plus is that you have a dining hall inside (good vegan options if that suits you) It also does live up to its expectations as a party dorm as there are always people standing outside. (from what I can see at least) Downside: I have heard stories from people about coakroaches in the dorm rooms and with many people it might be harder to find some peace. I've never seen the rooms there</p>

<p>Weinstein: Again, close to campus and nice since it has not one but 2 "dining halls" (chick-fi-la is open till one on weekdays) This is a very popular place for students to hang out for that reason. You'll also find a lot of people chilling outside of the dorm and smoking. One of my friends lives there and you can definitley make the rooms cozy. The "Cinder Block Prison" opinion is true. Also, if I remember correctly there wasn't carpeting in the rooms/closets are a bit small. Downside: see hayden.</p>

<p>Brittany: This is the dorm I'm least knowlegeable about. It's also farther away from campus. So you'd have to wake up earlier to get to classes. </p>

<p>Best of luck with whatever dorm you choose. I hope you get your first choice.</p>

<p>@nyc395: Dya have any idea bout founders? Like I know its new and all but the walk to campus apparently sucks.</p>

<p>Oh and how do you select dorms? Like is it first come first serve? Do EDers get the advantage?</p>

<p>Yea I lived in Founders during my summer orientation. If your respective college ends up having a orientation in the summer you may end up living there. </p>

<p>Generally, the rooms are the largest and cleanest in Founders (btw it used to be called 12th street because that's the street it's on). There is also plently of storage space (more than any other freshman dorm). Not to mention you get a very good view of Union Square (think typical new york city skyline). I've heard a lot of parties going on in this dorm as well. I have actually timed myself walking from the campus to the dorm and it takes AT MOST 15 minutes. It's not too bad if you have later classes. Sidenote: have you ever heard of the bookstore The Strand? It's located right next to the dorm.</p>

<p>The downside is that the elevators suck and are broken eaisily. This dorm is also the MOST EXPENSIVE. All dorms range in prices (maybe 1000 difference) and because it's the newest dorm, it's not cheap.</p>

<p>You select dorms when the school sends you the housing application sometime near the end of spring to beginning of summer. ED kids get the app earlier I believe (i got in ED). So in that respect you have somewhat of an advantage. There you will rank the dorms in order of your preference and depending on what's available, the school tries to assign you based on your choices. There's also a popular belief that ED kids get preference for Hayden (it's popular and the majority of people who live in Hayden are ED kids) but other than that I haven't heard of anything else. They do try to assign you dorms first through. </p>

<p>I realized that this post is long and I'm sorry if I overwhelmed you. I basically the extent of dorm selection. However, if you're considering Goddard (the dorm I'm in) it's a completely different process and another ridiculously lengthy post. P.M. me if you have any interest in that. Let me know if you have other questions! </p>

<p>Best of luck!</p>

<p>i love weinstein :D </p>

<p>that was all :P</p>

<p>I live in 3N currently, but I've visited friends in every dorm besides Founders (though rooms in each hall can be different).</p>

<p>Out of all of them I actually liked goddard -- it's the closest to campus and I found the people there to be really social (something that my floor in 3N is not, unfortunately). Rooms are relatively large and nice, too.</p>