<p>I've heard the general descriptions of the girl's dorms, i.e. nun dorm (Rainey), social dorm (VZ), and hippie dorm (coed), but does anyone have more detail? We're trying to pick a dorm with the smart, quirky kids who want to do well.</p>

I am a current freshman at Hendrix, so I know a lot about the different dorms.
Galloway: It's the upper classmen dorm so as a freshman your chances of getting in are really slim. It the dorm I hang out least in, but I have heard it is generally quite but you also lose some of the sense of community between freshmen you have in the other dorms
Raney: Raney is kinda a mix of people. It is known as the brainy, nerdy girls dorm, but as the years go on more and more non brainy, more party oriented people are living there. It's quite usually, but it can also get kinda loud sometimes
Couch: Couch is the only co-ed dorm, but it is not really co-ed because the guys are completely seperate from the girls by floors. It has a really hommy vibe, but the people who live there are sometimes interesting. If you are really open minded (and you said you were quirky so this might work for you) then you should love couch. From what I've seen of Couch is you either really want to live there or you would never-ever live there.
Veasey: This is my dorm. It usually has the most freshmen. It has a really good atmosphere. It is sometimes known as the girls party dorm, but that is not the case. There is never any noise and never a party. I do have to say though if you are opposed to a kinda sorority atmosphere (minus all the bad parts) then this is not the right dorm for you. It is very strong on the bonding, but it also host some great events that no other girls dorm host.</p>

<p>Just remeber to go with you gut feeling when deciding a dorm, but if you make the wrong decision than you can always switch (the school makes it easy to do so). Also if you think you want to live in Galloway send your housing stuff in as soon as possible because the spots go fast!</p>

<p>Thanks - this really helps. What if you're both brainy and quirky? Would you choose Rainey or Couch?</p>

<p>Also, how many girls are in Couch? Is it 50/50 guys/girls?</p>

<p>I'm glad you posted this. I'm going through the same dilemma.</p>

<p>Well everybody at Hendrix is brainy so your really don't have to worry about that. Couch is pretty corky, it is probally the most corky of the dorm but all the dorms have some corky people in it so I don't think you have to worry about that.</p>

<p>'Tis the season once more, so I'm resurrecting this thread. Does anyone at Hendrix have any more insights into the character of the various dorms to help incoming freshmen make the right choice? Thanks.</p>

<p>I was at Hendrix for the Hays weekend so I had a chance to visit all the dorm. My friend is a RA at Couch so I hang out there most of my time there. It's really fun seeing people playing guitars and hanging out in the common room. It's a bit hippie, very colorful and fun. I think the room is a bit small and there isnt any sink or big mirror in the room like other all girl dorms.
Veasey is kinda big. They say that there is a distinguished veasey smell. Well it's not really bad, it's just different. The room is ok, not tooo small or too big, with mirror and a sink with counter space.
Galloway is the upper classmen dorm and it's super nice. I love the common area with nice views and cozy couches. The room is slightly bigger than other dorms with more spaces.
Rainey is just quiet. The room is OK. I dont remember was it Rainey or Galloway that have extra space above the counter for your storage but I'm sure it's nice.
Good luck! I still have 3 more schools to hear from before deciding but Hendrix is definitely in my consideration!</p>

<p>I get the feeling in general that the dorm stereotypes are becoming less true over time. Couch still has hippies, true, but it also has a sizable population of geeks, especially Pokemon geeks. (And not just the video games, either: it's fairly common to see people watching the Pokemon anime, playing the Pokemon TCG, and/or playing music from the Pokemon soundtracks in the Couch lobby.) Some non-partiers are living in Martin or Veasey for various reasons, most having to do with not getting a good bid number for the housing they really wanted. Galloway has fewer upperclassmen than in years past, as more are going to the apartments. Hardin's still primarily nerds, but it sounds like a few partiers sneaked in there, possibly due to its proximity to Martin and/or getting a bad bid number. Raney's still pretty quiet though.
As far as Couch vs. the other girls' dorms goes:
I'm a Couchie, and I don't think our rooms are that bad. Couch does lack sinks in the rooms, but there is a decent-sized mirror in the Couch rooms hung on the door, just not one as big as the other girls' dorms.
Couch definitely has the most active lobby. Most of the other dorms' lobbies are varying degrees of dead, IMO. Couch always has something going on, be it somebody playing music on the piano or people crowded around the TV playing Brawl or a bunch of people playing the newest Pokemon game on their DS.
Couch is closer to the SLTC and the boys' dorms than the other girls' dorms. The other dorms are closer to the library and not much else.</p>

<p>My daughter has been accepted to Hendrix. She is looking for exactly the same environment.</p>

<p>AnagramPanda, you say Pokemon like it's a bad thing... :D</p>

<p>So Galloway is hard to get into if you're a Freshman? Is there any way to get a leg up on the competition if you are a Frosh and that's the dorm you want to be in? Or are you assigned dorms as Freshmen?</p>

<p>Dancechick- Trust me, I do not consider Pokemon a bad thing, and am in fact a bit obsessed with the video games. :D
As a freshman, at some point after deciding on Hendrix, you'll get a housing form asking you which dorms you're interested in and some other questions about your housing preferences. To get into Galloway, I'd advise putting it as your first choice and turning the form in on the early side. It's not crazy hard to get into Galloway as a freshman, but it's more difficult than getting into the other dorms.</p>