<p>What's the "inside word" on the dorms for freshmen girls?
I'm not an athlete so i ruled out mcvinney, i feel like that might be overrun with athletic types. im looking toward ray. i dont want to be in dore, and i dont know much about meager. im also considering the co-ed aquinas, if its available.</p>

<p>mcvin isnt all athletes, it's the best place for 'floor bonding' while ray is less connected according to a friend who goes to pc.</p>

<p>My D requested McVinney as her first choice -- don't remember what she put as 2 and 3. Any idea when they usually get thier roommate notification? She's thinking about signing up for Urban Action as well.</p>

<p>D also requested McVinny as her first choice but was given Ray instead. Turned out she loved living in Ray.... no problems bonding with other students and the close proximity to the dining hall was a plus, especially in bad weather. The rooms were surprisingly large for triples! She also did Urban Action which she absolutely loved. As I recall there was an application to fill out with essays etc., and not everyone who applied was chosen. Good luck!</p>