Double Degree with Peabody

<p>Hi, anyone else trying for a double degree in the College of Arts & Sciences and Peabody Institute?</p>

<p>Yes!!! You and I seem to have several schools in common! I'm hoping to study violin with Pamela Frank or Herbert Greenberg at Peabody as well as something at Krieger. What about you? Or did you say you've dropped JHU from your search?</p>

<p>Ya... I may still apply to Peabody as a "safety" (I know that's a funny thing to say but I do think I have a better chance of getting into Peabody alone - not the double degree - than some of my other schools - but I would really prefer to do a double degree or an academic degree - but I think my chance of getting into Peabody's DD is extremely small - they only take in like 5 students a year or something). I'd like to study with Leon Fleisher. I really hope I get into Oberlin or Bard, though - to the double degree I mean. My first choice would be Yale - which I applied early to - but I guess I shouldn't be expecting a "yes" from them!</p>

<p>Oy, oy. I applied early to Yale, too. This is almost silly! Best of luck.
I see what you mean about Peabody as a safety, although Lawrence would certainly be much more so.</p>

<p>I guess so... Lawrence shouldn't be a problem getting in but I need a scholarship or quite a bit of financial aid and I'm not sure how easy/difficult it is to get that... to me, an acceptance without financial aid would be just as bad as a rejection.</p>

<p>By the way, my list of 8 is: Bard (DD), Harvard, Lawrence (DD), Oberlin (DD), Sarah Lawrence, USC, Wesleyan, Yale (EA). Any other overlaps? =)</p>

<p>Yes, actually-- I'm applying to Harvard too. Are you trying for the joint AB/MM with New England Conservatory? That's what I'm hoping for, though it's an extreme reach.</p>

<p>Oh I didn't know about that! Do I have to apply to the schools concurrently?</p>

<p>Yes, you have to apply to both as a freshman. For Harvard it's just the regular app. For NEC, you have to check a box on their application, but otherwise it's normal.</p>