Double Major and Pre-Med HELP!

<p>Hey guys thanks for reading my post, but I an a high school student that wants to go to to washing university in St.Louis. I was wondering if I could take the courses needed for premed and at the same time major in both Psychology and Political Science. Thanks any input is better than nothing.</p>

<p>Since no required classes for psychology, political science or pre-med overlap, this will be very challenging to fit into 4 years at any university. At WashU, the psych major is 28 credits, the polisci major is 30 credits, and the pre-med program is 40 credits or more (by my calculations, and possibly more depending on how far you are in math). So straight up you're looking at 98 required credits. To graduate, you must take 120 credits, so this leaves you 22 credits to fulfill your distribution requirements. This is WashU lingo, but: you'd have no problem finishing your SS, and NS requirements, but fitting in your LA and TH clusters would be pretty difficult. All in all, I'd recommend majoring in the one you like most and minoring in the other. Good luck!</p>

<p>Thanks for explaining this to me, but can you please put the last few sentences about SS, LA and all that into something I can understand. I'm sorry I am still in high school and the only lingo I know is lol,omg,rofl, and brb. :)</p>

<p>Thank You!</p>

<p>It's harder than most double majors since premed courses does not overlap like the poster above said, but it's definitely doable; you just need to plan ahead with your four year advisor. That being said, you schedule would likely be quite rigid and you would not really have the flexibility to explore courses that are not part of your required classes. If you do attend WashU in the future, I would recommend being in the mindset of minoring in one at first, and if you really like both majors and are willing to commit to them by the end of your freshman year, I would say go for it.</p>

<p>NS = natural science
SS = social science
LA = language and arts
TH = textual and historical studies</p>

<p>These are "clusters" - Wash U's version of organizing classes into coherent areas of study. Every class in Art Sci is in one of those four areas. You need to take 3 classes in each of these areas. They really aren't hard to fulfill. Each major (so Poli Sci and Psych for the OP) automatically counts towards one of those clusters. Then, any other class you may take for your major can fulfill another area (if it does). Poli Sci and Psych are both among the more credit-demaning majors in Art Sci, but you can probably get both and do pre-med as long as you plan early on like Can2010 said. I wouldn't worry about fulfilling the clusters in your case, but I would worry about having "enough" time for the fun random classes, provided you define fun random classes as things that are not Poli Sci or Psych related.</p>

<p>Thank you for all your help I really appreciate it, and I am probably going to do what you guys told me and major in one and minor in the other, because if I get the chance I also want to play football for Wash U in St.Louis.I really like sports and am good, but right now my focus is mainly on education. I also want college to be a fun experience unlike high school where all you do is work your ass off and hope to god you get into a college you like.</p>