Double much more $

<p>I want to double major in business administration and economics. do you guys know how much more tuition will cost?</p>

<p>8 trillion dollars.</p>

<p>conor, i heard due to budget cuts that its now eleventy-billion dollars :)</p>

<p>tuition isnt dependent on how many majors youre plan to have. the only way i can see tuition increase is if you take additional semesters. the administration is thinking about charging students to take more than 132 units, but that isnt implemented yet</p>

<p>Tuition is the same. Tutition goes by the units you take, not how many majors you have. So if you take your elective classes as the major requirements, then you can declare a double major and tutition stays the same.</p>

<p>You need to visit L&S advising in Campbell Hall to get the necessary forms to declare two majors (if you're an L&S admit).</p>

<p>Tuition is the same regardless of units. So, pile them on if you can handle it.</p>

<p>XD @ conor</p>

<p>Andrewtdx: Why do they say that, say, for example, it's $300 per unit?</p>

<p>Per unit fees are for non-standard students, such as those that take summer or extension classes. You are allowed to take up to 20.5 units, no questions asked, which is at least one if not two classes above the 'normal' load. If you want to get more units than that, you just have to apply (though it will often be denied unless you have a really compelling reason).</p>

<p>It will not cost you anything extra to double major, or get four minors, or what have you. The costs at the UCs are dependent on TIME, as long as you are a regularly enrolled undergraduate student. If you can fit in classes so that you can double major in four years, you'll find yourself paying the same as if you'd done a single major in the same time. HOWEVER! UCs have problems with enrollment, and double majoring makes your class schedule restrictively specific, so that you can complete sequences, etc. If you ever miss enrolling in a class in any given term, you will probably fall behind, and thus have to take summer classes at $300/unit, or enroll in an extra semester.</p>

<p>FOUR MINORS!?!? :confused:</p>

<li>Who would do that and 2. Is it really possible?</li>

<p>i have heard of people getting 4 majors four minors is defentially possible.</p>