Double Major in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering: Mississippi State University

Hi everyone,

Next Fall, I will be attending MSU, and I will be majoring in chemical engineering. However, I really like chemistry, and after speaking with some chemE and chemistry professors, I found out that the chemical engineering curriculum is nothing like chemistry curriculum. That said, I thought about double majoring in chemical engineering and chemistry. I understand that this will hard, and I will be taking several hours per semester. But I know that schools like Vanderbilt offer programs where one can double major in chemical engineering and chemistry. I want to point out that the only reason I am majoring in chemical engineering is because I am getting a $5000 per year scholarship, and because I am a non-US citizen, I am not receiving any financial aid from MSU. So that $5000 means a lot to me, and I am not willing to give that up.

So, could you all please tell me if double majoring in chemical engineering and chemistry while doing undergraduate research is doable?

Thank you.

You realize you posted in the University of Alabama forums, not Mississippi State’s, right? I’ll flag the post and ask the admins to move it there.

But, FWIW, the majority of public universities like MSU (and UA) don’t offer financial aid to families outside their states. Your being a non-US citizen has no bearing one way or the other.