Double major in MT and criminal justice?

<p>Hi everyone,
I am VERY new to this. I am a high school senior this year and applying to colleges in the fall. I really want to pursue musical theater in New York city, but my parents are concerned with me not being able to get a job right away, which a normal parent would be concerned about, and therefor they want me to have a backup in case Mt doesn't work. So, I want to double major in MT and something like biology or criminal justice (in hopes of a crime scene investigator). Does anyone know any colleges that would offer MT and another major like criminal justice in NYC? Thank you everyone who replies!!</p>

<p>My son (who is now in law school) was a criminal justice major as were several kids of parents we know. Based on our experience, the jobs available with an undergrad degree in CJ, in a field related to the degree, are very limited, usually in the areas of law enforcement and the penal system. These types of jobs are usually not available on a part time basis or with flexible schedules that would permit time off for auditioning and shows. Also, most CJ degrees do not train a person to be a crime scene investigator but focus more on jurisprudence, the legal system and the sociology of crime, not the science of forensics (check the curriculum at a given school carefully). If you have an interest in double majoring in MT and CJ, that's fine, but don't do so with the expectation that a BA or BS in CJ will provide you with employment in that field that dovetails well with pursuing a performing career too.</p>

<p>Well an option would be to attend John Jay College of CUNY and major in something in criminal justice, forensics etc. They even have a minor in theatre! Then pursue voice/ dance on your own in NYC.</p>

<p>My niece (who has no interest in theatre) is going to college to be a CSI...tons of science classes...and she has learned that her best chance at getting a job in CSI is by joining the police force.</p>

<p>I understand that you want to stay in NY, but just in case you're open to moving - Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, TX has one of the best criminal justice programs in the Southwest and offers a BFA in Musical Theater. Don't know if you can double major in both - but I know kids who are happy in both programs.</p>