Double Major in Two Different Schools?

<p>I'm applying as a Musical Theatre major at Steinhardt, but I want to double major with Gender and Sexuality Studies, which is at the School of Arts and Sciences. Would it be possible for me to declare a double major with these two majors if I became a student?</p>

<p>Absolutely. It's called cross-schooling.</p>

<p>The question isn't whether you are allowed, the question is whether it is feasible to work out your schedule.</p>

<p>D is a senior in the program. She has been able to double minor in English and the Business of Entertainment, Media and Technology. But working out her schedule has been a real challenge and she has been taking 19 and 20 credits some semesters. Plus she came into the program with 12 AP credits and was exempt from her first semester of music theory.</p>

<p>Her business minor has a wide range of classes to take which made it a bit easier. If the Gender studies is very limited, with a lot of single classes that are requirements, then it may be very difficult to do.</p>

<p>For VP (MT) there are a great deal of classes that are required. Many of them offer only one or two options as to when you can take them. D knows of very few students who are double majoring. You should look on the website for the current requirements for a musical theatre concentration to see how many classes there are.</p>

<p>Also keep in mind that you will not be able to take classes that end after 6 because you need to keep your schedule open for rehearsals.</p>

<p>Good luck to you! Btw, D has loved the program. She just had her senior recital last weekend and it was amazing.</p>

<p>Thank you so much! Yeah, IF I made it in, I definitely would consider just majoring in musical theatre, because gender studies has always been a backup for me, but I might not need it if I go to NYU. I also definitely would try to make it work though, because I think it would be interesting to study Gender Studies at NYU. I'll look into it now and I'll probably think more about it once I find out if I get accepted or not. </p>

<p>Also, do you know how many students they accept every year to their musical theatre program?</p>