Double major?

<p>I went on college tours to Brown and Providence College today, and the majority of our tour guides/ information guides told us they did a double major. What are the benefits of double majoring? What are the drawbacks? For example, I would like to be a psychiatrist and major in Psychology, but I'm also interested in Political Science, Philosophy, and International Relations. Is it worth it to double major in these? I do want a back up plan, and I really find politics very interesting and would like to pursue a career in gov't/politics some day. So, which would be best for a double major? Is it worth it? Should I minor instead? How will it help a psychology major? Do any classes overlap? Are there any other majors that would be best with a psychology major? Sorry for so many questions, thanks!</p>

<p>Double majoring basically gives you a wider area of knowledge and makes you more employable. If you're taking two majors, make sure they're in somewhat related fields so there are a few overlapping classes. You don't want to major in something completely unrelated like...say, Math and Creative Writing. It just doesn't make sense. The exception to that is if you're in a major that would lead to a career involving being around a lot of people and traveling. If that is the case, majoring in a language (Spanish or Chinese would be a good idea) isn't odd. </p>

<p>And double majoring isn't that bad. You would probably take one or two more classes per semester and have less free time but it pays off in the end. </p>

<p>Yes, minoring is a great idea.</p>