Double Major?

<p>I absolutely love A&M. I'm not worried about getting in because by Texas standards I qualify for automatic acceptance, but I am interested in one thing. I really want to pursue Political Science, but I would also like to do Business, possibly Business Honors. If I went to A&M, I would enter with over forty credit hours, from 10 AP scores(WH-5, English Composition-4, AH-5, Environ Sci-4, Phys-3, Euro-5, Am Gov-5, Macroecon-5, Eng Lit-4, Stat-3) . I don't know if this is enough to qualify me to double major in both, but I would hope so. Can anyone give me some insight on double majoring across colleges, or if this is even possible? Does my AP credit even make a difference, or is it still not possible?</p>