Double major?

<p>Hello. I have been accepted for fall 2010 to Saint Anselm College. My intended major is biology, but I also have a great interest in political science and criminology. Does anyone know if it's easy to double major (biology + political science, or biology + criminology, in my case) at St A's? I suppose I could do a certificate program instead of double majoring, instead. Thanks.</p>

<p>My daughter is a sophomore at Saint Anselm in their honors program. She wanted to double major in French and education and was told that it was not allowed, so she is majoring in French and working towards her teaching certificate.</p>

<p>Yeah, not really. Saint A's allows you one major and doesn't even have minors, it has certificate programs. The best thing to do would prob. be to keep the bio major and pursue a certificate in public policy studies or forensics. It's a great school btw!</p>