Double Major

<p>Hi, I'll be a freshman this fall and was having trouble deciding how many classes I should be taking. I want to double major in math and chemistry as well as complete the premed courses. I think that you need 150 credit hours to double major, which translates to about 19 per semester. My schedule so far is at 17 hours and am having trouble finding a way to take 19 hours (the max for an incoming freshman). I was hoping others could comment on their double major experiences and how they set up their schedules.</p>

<p>My daughter was more successful creating a semester plan for the 4 years and mapping out all course requirements and when they had to be taken after accounting for all transfer/AP credits rather than just going by credit hours per semester target. Especially important if you want to do study abroad for a semester and expect to have those credits satisfy your electives.</p>

<p>Eclipser - you are confusing getting two degrees with a double major. They are not the same thing. With two degrees you actually get a BS in chemistry and a separate BS in math, rather useless in your case. It usually applies to someone getting a BA in one subject and a BS in another, or some related scenario.</p>

<p>For a double major, it is still 120 hours required, you just have to fulfill the requirements of both majors, both schools if they were different schools like Liberal Arts and Science & Engineering, and of course the Newcomb-Tulane College requirements, like everyone. In your case both majors being in the School of S&E makes it particularly easy (relatively speaking, of course!).</p>

<p>So no worries, 15 hours a semester would get you there, but 17 is pretty normal for someone with your interests.</p>

<p>Wow, thanks so much fallenchemist! Now I know why Tulane says it's very easy to double major. You are so much more helpful than tulane's website.</p>

<p>I'll be a junior at Tulane this fall, and I'm doing a BA in Anthropology, and a BS in Psychology. While they aren't the same majors are you are planning to have, I haven't had any problems (and don't foresee any major problems in the future). As long as you plan carefully, you'll be ok. I've taken: 15 hours, 19 hours, 18 hours, 17 hours.</p>

<p>ptcgal - How many AP credits did you have coming in? Are you actually getting 2 degrees (150 hours) or are you double majoring (120 hours)? Also, are you going to study abroad?</p>

<p>I had 3 AP credits coming in--AP Statistics. That didn't help much getting requirements out of the way, as I still had to take the Calc classes for the Psych major. I'm getting a double degree (or at least that's what my advisor has told me). I am not planning on studying abroad because of commitments I have in New Orleans during my junior and senior year. I save the abroad experience for the summer! (I was just in Africa for a month for an internship, and I'm now in England and Spain for another month!).</p>

<p>Nice! Hope you are having fun. Not to overstep here I hope, but I would triple check with your advisors when you get back. As I calculate it, you have 72 hours half-way through. That leaves you with 78 hours to take to get the 150 required. Doable certainly, but worth making sure, don't you think? Anyway, sounds like things are going well for you and you are really taking advantage of what Tulane has to offer. Congrats!</p>