double majoring at smith college?

<p>i'm really confused about double majoring at smith college.
I want to double major in studio art and computer science, but i'm very confused about how to juggle the course load...
so, i'm really new to the whole credit system (recent HS grad) and i'm seeing that you'll need 16 credits per semester for 8 semesters.
the art major looks like it needs 48 credits (12 classes, 4 credits per class) and the computer science major needs 44 (11 classes, 4 credits each).
so then, that begs the question: how many classes do i take per year? what about required courses outside my major? i'm just really confused, are there any computer science/art majors out there who can help me?</p>

<p>Smith only requires one class outside of your major (a writing class). You should have no problem taking that, your CS classes, and your art classes as long as you plan carefully and start taking classes in both majors during your first year. You meet with your advisor during orientation before you register for classes as a first-year student, so they will be able to help you plan out a schedule.</p>

<p>As PD says, careful planning is required so that you can be on track to finish both majors at the same time. For further consideration, while only one writing-intensive is required, if you are thinking of earning Latin Honors (cum laude, etc.), then you will have a few additional distribution classes. It can be done…D was a double in Math and Government. She generally took four “solids” (4-unit classes) and one or two two-unit classes. The two-unit classes were things like ballet and her musical instrument and there wasn’t much pressure in them re grades but the time commitment just for taking the classes meant that she had to be highly organized to get everything done in a week/month/semester that needed to get done. </p>