Double Majoring at UCLA

<p>Hey guys! Do any of you know if I can double major at UCLA? For example, if I'm in the College of Letters and Sciences and I also want to take classes at another college...say for music or architecture. Is that allowed or do I have to choose a major and minor? </p>

<p>Oh and also, can I transfer between the different schools before the school year starts or do I have to wait until my second year to do that? </p>

<p>Thanks, thanks, thanks! :)</p>

<p>There's another thread on this..with the exact same title.</p>

<p>What major are you looking at? Ars & Architecture isn't a school you can just "switch into." They have different requirements and admissions are generally only for fall quarter freshmen (or junior transfers).</p>

<p>Oh woops x) Sorry about that. I haven't checked here in a long time so I didn't see that thread. Thanks for answering though :)</p>

<p>im sorry, i couldnt really find the other thread.....</p>

<p>is it incredably hard to double major in bio and econ and graduate early if i do ALL the summer sessions including the comming one?</p>


<p>^ it's pretty hard because none of the classes really overlap each other..but if you do summer sessions and work hard..then you can do it</p>

<p>How about a double major in bio and poli sci?</p>

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<p>This has all the requirements for majors. If there's not a lot of overlap plan to stay longer, do summer school etc.</p>

<p>Just curious, but do students ever take five classes in a quarter, or is that plain crazy? I want to double major, but my classes will have no overlap. I'm not exactly too keen on summer school either.</p>

<p>Yes to 5 classes and it's still crazy. Even 4 classes every single quarter is way more that the average courseload (somewhere closer to 3).</p>

<p>yah i'm at 21 units (4 classes, 1 honors seminar, and two 1-unit psych seminars) and it's gonna be interesting. plus i'm planning to add SRP for a lab i'm already working in, so, that means 23 units.</p>

<p>plus involvement in tau beta sigma, plus involvement in spring sing.
if i'm alive in june it'll be a miracle x.x</p>

<p>If I double major and learn to manage my time well, could I still balance it with a club sport, research, volunteering, and a social life?</p>

<p>^ all of that at once may be biting off more than you can chew.
but honestly, only you know your limits, and once you get here you'll have a better sense of your goals/priorities!</p>

<p>Are minors any easier? Perhaps a major in bio and two minors in poli sci and philosophy? I know I can succeed at whatever I do, but I hate spilling my guts over as I have done in high school.</p>

<p>what exactly is your goal here?</p>

<p>you're all over the place with music, architecture, bio, poly sci, philosophy... :confused:</p>

<p>No, no, you're mistaken. I just took over someone else's thread. I'm not interested in music or architecture. I'm just interested in bio, poli sci, and philosophy and want to try my hand at a bunch of other things I never did in HS.</p>

<p>ooohhhhhh. my bad. :rolleyes:</p>

<p>If you're "just interested" in something you're not going to major in, maybe it's better to be involved in an EC that has to do with it, instead. </p>

<p>Over 5 classes a quarter = you don't even want to try. Especially not if you're going to do a South Campus major.</p>

<p>I'm sorry for bugging you. I obviously don't know much about college, so thanks for all of the advice. I just want to have realistic expectations when I enter college so that I don't do overkill.</p>


Over 5 classes a quarter = you don't even want to try. Especially not if you're going to do a South Campus major.


<p>I think 5 South Campus courses is manageable. You will have some hours of free time though, which is up to you to decide if that is enough. However, if you have a part time job (of around 10 hours/week) along with the 5 courses, then there will be NO free time. It will be school, work, study, homework, sleep.</p>

<p>Without a part time job, I think 7 is the human workload threshold. If you take more than 7, then you will suffer from depression. I think people have tried that, and most ended up dropping one. 6 is possible, but you need to be disciplined.</p>

<p>uhhhhhhh....4 is my workload threshold. :rolleyes:</p>