Double Majoring at WashU

<p>How easy would it be to double major in Anthropology and International and Area Studies? I am also interested in the Public Health minor and the Medicine and Society 4-year program through the anthro department.</p>

<p>Sorry to jump in, but I have a similar question: I would like to double major in international area studies and political science. I will be in the International Leadership Program if that is of any value when regarding credits.</p>

<p>Double majoring in artsci is ridiculously easy.<br>
Actually, I know a ton of IAS's, and they are all double majors.</p>

<p>I'm a double in engineering, but that's a different story (and not that complicated, since the core is all the same).</p>

<p>Just a matter of completing the 6-9 additional courses in one subject field that satisfy the major requirements.</p>