Double Majoring with Theater Major?

<p>Hello! So I am currently a high school senior who has already applied and auditioned at Chapman for the BA Theater Performance major. I auditioned on January 16 and haven't heard back yet, but I've been doing more research on Chapman and finding myself loving it more and more. So, what I was wondering was is it possible to double major at Chapman in theater as well as communications? Also, I know there is a journalism minor. Can you take this minor even if you aren't in the English major? If I audition at the end of my freshman year for the BFA track can I still keep my communications major or would I be forced to drop it? Also, I know there are study abroad options open but can you take them during the academic year. For example, I know at UCLA, they don't let you study abroad during the academic year because they feel that you will fall behind in your training. Also, does anyone know when Chapman lets those that auditioned hear back? I just want to know!

<p>Yes, you can double major in BFA Theatre and Communications, and yes, you can study abroad during the school year as a BFA.</p>