Double Majoring?

<p>So, I'm an incoming freshman and currently majoring in Chemistry. But, I really want to study computer science as well, so I figured I'd double major.
So I have some questions:
1) Would that mean that I should just take the courses required for the chemistry and and comp sci major, even if my declared major is Chemistry?
2) What does UCSD mean exactly by "prerequisites" for the major? Do those include the major courses themselves or just courses like math and physics?
3) It would be in my best interest to declare the double major as soon as possible right?</p>

<p>3) You can't officially declare the double major until you have accrued 90 units.</p>

<p>2) Pre-requisites are classes that you must have completed (and demonstrated competency) before being able declare that major. I believe there are none for CS as of 2008.</p>

<p>1) Yes.</p>

The numbering on Oyama's post confused me. doh.
Thank's a lot Oyama!</p>