Double vs. Triple?

<p>I am applying for housing at Crown and am having difficulty deciding whether to apply for a double or triple residence hall room. The parents would prefer I go with the triple due to the lower cost ($2,000 cheaper including meal plan, I believe), but I fear I would go crazy living in a small room with two other people.</p>

<p>Are triples tolerable and worth the savings?</p>

<p>The normal triples are actually really nice. ESPECIALLY nice if you get third floor, because it has a vaulted ceiling. :]</p>

<p>Small triples...well, I live in one. It's forced me to not bring as many clothes/books to college I would have liked, but otherwise I don't have any complaints. On the other hand, I'm living with two very clean roommates. All small triples are on the third floor, so they also benefit from having more space, so even with three people living in here the room feels really open.</p>

<p>My sister had a triple at Porter and despised the setup. She made friends with one of the roommates but the other was left out.</p>

<p>Yeah that setup is kind of awkward. But it can happen in doubles too. One of my friends has a roommate that simply will not communicate. They play WoW all day (yes, how stereotypical) and ignores people who come by and visit. So it's just luck of the draw. ]:</p>

<p>wat bout compared to a small double.</p>

<p>LOL I wasn't even aware of the existence of small doubles. I've never been in one.</p>

<p>Hmm... It was that "2 vs 1" problem that I was particularly worried about. But if it can occur in doubles as well and it is about the luck of the draw either way, then perhaps it would be better to save the $2k and try for a triple.</p>



<p>Yeah the same thing happened to me. My roommate would not communicate with me whatsoever. She had friends but wasn't open to communicating with me or anybody on our floor so it happens in doubles and triples. I think the only problem with triple would be the space that the main thing my friend who lives in a triple has a problem with.</p>

<p>Really now? I didn't know it cost less to be in a triple. Hm, what happens if you indicated that you want a double but want to change to a triple now? </p>

<p>Can someone show me where they list all the costs? besides the estimate one, where the total is like.. $30,702</p>

<p>UC</a> Santa Cruz - Housing and Dining Rates</p>

<p>Hey MidnightGolfer, I see that you are going to transfer to really a good school and I was wondering what GPA or extracurriculars do you have? I am going to UCSC and might think about transferring as well. I'd like to transfer to either Cal or UCLA so what type of grades and other stuff should I do to transfer to those schools? Any tips? Thanks</p>

<p>I answered part of your question on the UC Transfers thread. If you need any other advice, just PM me and I'll be glad to give you the low down.</p>