Double without a roommate

<p>I've heard of this sort of thing happen as a first-year student, but this year I'm in an upperlevel campus house. Technically, I'm supposed to have a roommate, but I've contacted him over a week ago and so far, have no response. If it turns out I don't have a roommate for the semester (at least), when would be the earliest I would find out? Would it be when I'm actually on campus and no one shows up?</p>

<p>You will definitely have a roommate assigned as on-campus housing is always in demand. If your roommate doesn't show up for whatever reason then you will be assigned another one and you'll probably have a week or two without a roommate.</p>

<p>Pretty much the only situation where you would have a double without a roommate is if the roommate doesn't show up but is still paying for housing. I've seen that happen before but it's very rare.</p>

<p>You can't really even be sure that your current roommate isn't coming. A lot of people ignore their school-assigned emails for some reason; it's possible that he just didn't see it.</p>