Double yolk eggs

<p>I opened a box of large white eggs. Bought at Trader Joe's. Usually buy brown eggs because those are traditional in NE but they had none. </p>

<p>First 2 eggs were normal. Third egg had 2 yolks. Pointed that out to my wife. </p>

<p>Next day, cracked an egg and it had 2 yolks. The second egg also had 2 yolks. </p>

<p>Yesterday I cracked 2 more and they both had 2 yolks. </p>

<p>Today I cracked 2 and they both had 2 yolks. That's 7 in a row with 3 left in the box. </p>

<p>I've examined the box. It's the same as always, no indication this is from some special breed or whatever. </p>

<p>I haven't had a double yolk egg in many years. Now 7 in a row. </p>

<p>I looked this up and found a newspaper article about a woman who had 6 in a row and a restaurant in Scotland that had 19. I gather this is not that common.</p>

<p>A 4 yolk omelet is definitely a little richer tasting.</p>

<p>Younger hens tend to produce double yolks. Not really that unusual.</p>

<p>When I’ve gotten double yolks, I’ve often had other double yolks in the same box. I don’t think it’s a breed - I think you just got a lot of eggs from the same chicken with a genetic predisposition to produce twins.</p>

<p>Even the big producers candle the eggs and set aside the double yolks. If a batch of double yolk eggs accidentally gets mixed back in, it wouldn’t be unusual for them to be all in a row like that.</p>

<p>Or you are on a winning streak and should buy a lottery ticket.</p>

<p>My housekeeper said that, when we had a run of double yolk eggs, that it meant that I was going to have another child.</p>


<p>Wow…i cracked many an egg in my life and I’ve never had a double yolk!</p>

<p>This may be a contender for “most unique CC thread ever”.</p>

<p>I used to keep chickens before it was fashionable! <hipster></hipster></p>

<p>Double yolks tend to be something of a quirk from pullets who have just started laying, as their reproductive system hasn’t quite sorted itself out yet. Whilst some people have tried to hatch out double yolkers, it’s very unusual for them to actually hatch successfully, and even rarer to survive. </p>

<p>There are lots of different quirks eggs can have, though few make it as far as the shops. Wrinkled shells, an egg within an egg, eggs with no shell but just the membrane, spherical eggs, long eggs, lots of different things!</p>

<p>When I was a kid, we had a delivery service - the eggman or something like that - and you could order double yolk eggs. But in 50 years, I’ve had one just pop up until this box. They used to be a device used in movies, like the omen of another child, but that was a simpler time.</p>

<p>The farm I used to go to in my summers used to hatch chicks. Not a huge number but some in a big round incubator. I have a vague memory of being shown a double yolk egg - which wasn’t put in the incubator - but it could be my imagination. We would watch them chip away at the shell to be born. </p>

<p>My wife hatched eggs for a classroom. The big surprise was the chicks were black. They’d assumed it would be standard white chickens.</p>

<p>Great. Twice the cholesterol. Just what I don’t need.</p>

<p>I bought a carton of one dozen jumbo eggs recently. There were 4 or 5 eggs with double yolks. The carton was labeled with a message that it may contain eggs with double yolks inside.</p>

<p>A neighbor once gave us a carton of eggs in which all (or nearly all) were double yolks. When I asked her about it she said that it was a young chicken that just started laying.</p>

<p>I’ve noticed when I buy jumbo eggs, there are 2-3 cases of double yolks per carton.</p>