Down to the wire: Do I take SATs one more time or not??

I’m I senior and decided after June I was done with SATs, but now I’m having doubts:

January: CR 650 M 680 W 690

May: CR 750 M 660 W 730

June: CR 710 M 660 W 730

As you can see, not much of a change after May, so I decided to leave well enough alone. I make the cutoff for full tuition at Temple, which is my financial safety. I just am second guessing whether or not one more try would pull up my math? Do you think this is enough. I also did not take ACT, and am now worried about that!


Your SAT is a 2160. For the vast majority of schools, this is excellent, and I would leave it alone. Congrats!

Thank you I felt fine with it in June, now all of a sudden I’m panicking since I’m down to the wire I guess.

I guess because its the lowest score in my group of friends. :-S

Don’t take it again. At this point you can only go down as you took it three times and got practically the same score the last two. Plus, three times is already a lot most people take it twice max

Not sure what your intended major is but 750 on CR is huge! (Now if your major is engineering or something Math related I’d say focus on Math and retake)… but if its not …you are golden relax and enjoy senior year IMO.

You had you chance to pull up your math and it isn’t happening. Only retake if you are close to some major financial benefit like automatic award.

@runswimyoga nope I intend to major in business/marketing. @BrownParent that was one of the reasons I was thinking of retaking. Merit aid is going to play a lot into my final decision so I want to keep as many doors open as I can. As far as automatic, I was planning on Temple being my safety for that, and a 1420 is required. My superscore is 1430, my one sitting is 1410, but I believe they superscore even for merit. Just wish I was over the cutoff even more and I really wanted to break 700 in math but it looks like that’s not going to happen.