<p>now that i2hub is gone, what does everybody use to dl their files? Also, is it even safe to dl anymore?</p>


<p>Limewire all the way, baby!</p>


<p>what do you mean, "now that i2hub is gone"?!</p>

<p>Maybe his U cut off I2 access to the student network (now that the RIAA has found their way onto I2)</p>

<p>Give Ares a shot over limewire.</p>

<p>torrents. azureus</p>

<p>bit torrent all the way!</p>

<p>*Maybe his U cut off I2 access to the student network *</p>

<p>hehe suckers - actually, if that's true, they must be one of the only (if not the only) school to do so. I don't notice a paucity of people still on the hub.</p>

<p>what site can we use bit torrent on?</p>

<p>I'm still waiting for a great BT tracker to come around again (right now I have to settle for search sites and failing/poor quality trackers most of the time).</p>

<p>Its great for big things but you cant expect to find music on torrents, it really only works for larger popular works.</p>

<p>limewire and winmx aren't too bad</p>

<p>is there a high chance of getting caught? i'm so scared</p>

<p>Well, a good University won't turn you over and will just reprimand you. Comcast just got sued for releasing customer info to the RIAA...</p>

<p>They are picking a few random spots to make examples of but no, there is not a high chance of getting caught.</p>

<p>bit torrent

<p>i wouldn't using bit torrent because i heard "they" are watching that.</p>

<p>the main thing is not to share files. limewire i think is the best. winmx is alright (but difficult to find newer songs). shareaza is also ok.</p>

<p>THE BEST AND SAFEST THING TO DO IS get mytunes redox and use it with itunes.</p>

<p>you will be able to download all the songs from ppl on the same network. on my hall there are 40,000 songs to choose from but im sure it varies by school.</p>

<p>if you are afraid of them watching, use azureus with the safepeer plugin</p>

<p>I dont really download movies though and if anybody would watch, it would be the MPAA.</p>

<p>Ares and Limewire :)</p>

<p>mIRC is probably the safest.</p>

<p>a bunch of university students using i2hub just got sued... i'd watch out</p>