Downsides of Amherst?

<p>Well, as a rising senior in high school, I figured that it’d be a good idea to figure out the downsides of Amherst before I apply o.o
I’m thinking about pre-med, so if any of you can be course/professor specific it’ll be a huge plus, too; but general comments are very welcome :smiley: thanks~</p>

<p>The main downside for pre-med is that in the five college curriculum, <a href=""&gt;;/a> , the best of the courses you'll find are at UMass Amherst, which can be good and bad.</p>

<p>Amherst has great program and also allows you to take any course offered at UMass. The only set back is that you'll be on the shuttle buses schedule for those classes.</p>

<p>You can do premed without having to go to UMass, I'm pretty sure. I had never heard of premed kids needing to take classes from other 5 college schools.</p>

<p>the 5 college consortium is an upside</p>

<p>Lots of liberal arts colleges (moreso than universities, it seems) have specific characters to them. For instance, Swarthmore is intellectual/nerdy/very liberal, Williams is more sporty/preppy, Wesleyan is artsy/politically active/very liberal, etc. Amherst isn't really associated with a certain stereotype. This can be good for some people, but it can make it feel generic to others.</p>

<p>I think the reason Amherst lacks a clearly defined stereotype is that it has changed more than most LACs over the last 30 years.</p>

<p>Back in the 1970s, Amherst was pure prep. Probably more preppy than Williams. Swarthmore was the more radical, more diverse school.</p>

<p>Since then, Amherst has seemingly made a big (and successful) push for diversity so you have a blend of the traditional preps and a pretty significant diversity base in the student body. I think this juxtaposition makes it hard to pidgeon-hole Amherst today.</p>

<p>Swarthmore hasn't changed much, although it is a far less radical, less political place than it was in the 1960s and 1970s.</p>

<p>Williams hasn't changed that much either. There's been a somewhat increased emphasis on athletics. However, its basic character is still the same.</p>

<p>One key difference is that Williams is much larger today than it was in 1970 (a big increase during the 70s to accommodate women without the alumni screaming.) Amherst and Swarthmore have only increased the size of their enrollments incrementally over that period of time.</p>

<p>e.coli that a funny sn...reminds me of when I work with the weakened strains of it in lab</p>

<p>I never felt like amherst had "sides".</p>

<p>ugh, i used weakened strains of e. coli in my lab work as well. OP50 sound familiar?</p>

<p>amherst definitely has more upsides than downsides.</p>

<p>while considering colleges, one downside for me was the drinking i encountered while visiting--but every college has that, and a rather large number of people requested substance-free housing this year, judging from the space they set aside for it. (all of north, first floor appleton, and first and possibly second floor(s) of south.) </p>

<p>another downside, initially, was its location. in the end, though, it was location that tipped the scales in amherst's favor. </p>

<p>and the final downside was that there were really weird supplementary essay topics. but i'm just really lazy when it comes to doing applications. hooray for being an english major, too.</p>

<p>no pole vault... Amherst was my #1 choice until I found that out and it broke my heart! I thought that any school with a college track team would have at least all the events a high school team would have... oh well, that's not really an issue for MOST people, though.... <em>sigh</em></p>

<p>No pole vault? Did you talk to the coaches at least? I'm sure that you could do it... I mean, they have the facilities and it's not hard to buy pole vaults... Maybe no one has really done it in the past few years.</p>

<p>Yea. When I've been looking at schools I've been going to results pages and records pages to see how I compare to their current vaulters. Amherst never had pole vaulters on results and didnt have a pole vault record. I e-mailed the coach asking about it and this was the reply </p>

<p>"We do not have the pole vault as an event here due to facilities and lack of coaching. If the vault is something that you are looking to continue with in college, then you would be best to consider some of the other fine colleges as potential options. If the vault is not a factor with your college decision, then I would encourage you to continue to look at Amherst as a viable choice,knowing that the vault woudl not be an option for you</p>

<p>Erik Nedeau
Amherst Track and XC"</p>

<p>I thought that was pretty clear.
So heartbreaking</p>